In the beginning of the beginning, when the Maiden, Mother, and Crone gave breath to the races, they also created the wheel of life. The never ending cycle of existence that creates Birth, Life, and Death. There is nothing outside the reach of the cycle. Day follows evening, which gives way to night. Planets, stars and universes are born, grow, and fade away. Babies are born and the elderly die. "As above, so below." This ancient formula could not be more correct

To follow along this great wheel of life the Goddesses created three dominate races. The Maiden, goddess of nature and all things earthly, created the Lycan, a race born of the earth. They were charged to protect the earth around them. The Mother created man, and they were charged to thrive and evolve into a dominate race. And the Crone created the Damphyr, and they were charged to look out for both man and Lycan, and lead them in the ways that were right.

But as the Mother slept and left the world to the Maiden and Crone things became crocked and ill. The Damphyr looked out at the Lycan and all their world entailed and they were jealous. They looked unto man and lead them in the ways of sin. They encouraged war and pollution. The Maiden saw this and was angry. She wept and the Lycan kind retaliated unto the Damphyr, and a great war began with mankind caught in the middle.

Many lifetimes had perished before the cries awoke the Mother Goddess, and she cast down her hands and the world was divided, and the races of Lycan and Damphyr cursed. So came the legends of the werewolf and the vampire. Stories of epic tails of evil and murder, thriving from two races doomed to forever live in the shadow of war.

Today is no different, though lifetimes of age have overshadowed the war between the two, hate runs as strong as the blood in their veins. Life is not easy in this day and time, but life will be lived, and behind the veil of night strict lines have been drawn in the sleepy tourist town of Cane Bayou. Lines that until now have been respected, but with murders and unsolved disappearances becoming more frequent, the lines are beginning to blur, and old war wounds have began to burn…Perhaps this time the war will have a clear winner.

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