Backlash: The Stress of Powers

There are times that the blessed mortal can tax her abilities beyond her capabilities. This can cause her to incur a sort of backlash. A backlash causes strain upon the Blessed, making it more difficult for her to concentrate. Additionally, while the Blessed has amassed backlash, she is limited in the amount of power she can put behind her abilities, causing her powers to be very weak or in some cases not work at all.

The character must spend time ( a few hours to a full day) of rest to eliminate backlash. This means she cannot be active with her gifts at all during that time if she wishes to reduce backlash.

The character can incur backlash in the following manner(s):
*When she attempts to perform a task greater than the capabilities of her power.

  • During any period of prolonged power use.
  • When she is fighting by using her power. This is a stressful situation.
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