Channel 3 News: Murders and Enigma

Police were called to the parking lot of Dot's Diner this morning where a callers tip led the discovery of the body of Elaine Mayenne, a waitress of the diner and long time resident of Cane Bayou.

Elaine Mayenne, 19, had been a part time employee of the diner for almost 2 years, and was a full time student at the local university. Ms. Mayenne was last seen when she left the diner after her shift, where she reportedly headed for her car. Due to the staff parking lot's position behind the diner, there were no witnesses to the crime. Exact details of the murder have not been released, but officials have been lead to believe that the murder could be linked back to several other unsolved murders in the surrounding areas.

So far there are no leads, and authorities are urging any citizens with information concerning this crime to please contact the local police station. All calls will be kept anonymous.

… And in Other News …

A Local farmer has contacted the officials concerning a strange yet spreading epidemic infecting the local bovine population of Cane Bayou.

Murdoch Wagener, 49, of Cane Bayou contacted the local vegetarians office last week when his cattle began turning up ill. An initial exam from the vet showed no immediate threats to the animals, and was written off as bad hay. One week later the farmer contacted the local sheriff's office when one of his prized bovine allegedly attacked one of the farm hands, putting the man in intensive care. Local officials make a trip out to the Wagener farm, where they witnessed the cows rabid and almost frenzied behavior.

"I've never seen it before," The farmer told this reporter, "It's almost like their possessed! I've never seen a cow try to bite another animal like that. If I didn't know better I'd think they were hunting."

Local experts are unsure of what exactly is effecting the cattle in this manner, and have scheduled for the animals to be put down at the end of the week. While they remain baffled at the actual cause, experts have found a series of bite marks on the cattle that are believed to have lead to the infection.

"It looks almost human, but no person could bite a cow that hard..and even if they could, why?!"

Why is right? Why would anyone bite a cow? And even more concerning, when did cows become predators?

According to the Wagener Farm, on Tuesday of last week.

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