Becoming a lycan is not a simple task. Often the steps and stages one goes through depend on the type of lycan you are. Born lycans Become, while other Lycans are fostered. In the below files we have outlined the differences in the two types.

Born Lycans

The most common Lycanthrope was born as such. Natural born Lycans can come from either two lycan parents, or one lycan parent and a carrier. There are a very small number of recorded births of Lycans with one Lycan parent or Carrier and a mundane human, however this is extremely rare.

Lycans are born in human form, and remain in this form until they reach the 'age of becoming' which can be anywhere from 13 to 16. Often this is a family trait, some becoming early others late. It is nearly unheard of for someone to become after the age of 16. If they have yet to change, they are often simply a carrier of the trait. Adults that have not Become, will never shift. Carriers do not have Lycan powers. (See Lycan Carriers) for more info on this race.


This is when someone is infected. This can happen through a bite, the exchange of blood directly into the system. The trait, for unknown reasons, cannot be passed on through a kiss. The 'infection' of a non-lycan into the culture is called 'Fostering'. This is the most commonly seen way that a lycan comes into existing, often depicted in books, games, and movies, few know of the lineage behind the 'curse'.

The silver screen and popularity of the horror genre has tainted the idea of Lycans and how one becomes fostered. The idea that anyone and everyone that is bitten, scratched, or sleeps with a Lycan changes is completely untrue. Should someone have such an experience there are several things that can happen.

  • The victim can be infected.
  • The victim's body fights off the infection and remains uninfected.
  • The victim shows no outward signs of infection but carries the 'Trait', spreading it. (Very rare)
  • The victim is infected with moon madness - an illness that affects them mentally on the three nights of the full moon. They suffer powerful, almost violent mood swings, a deep hunger for meat, and an unexplainable need to be beneath the moons rays. Eventually this can lead to the victim's death as they grow more and more ill. This is also very rare.

Steps of the Transformation

After a lycan has reached puberty, is when the manifestations will begin. There are many ways this can happen, but below you will find the time spans, from the start of puberty, and the effects that should be noticed.

One Week After Infection

Step 1: The lycan will notice a change in their body structure. Their muscles will begin to harden, creating a firmer body. This is the process where the body is beginning to prepare itself for the shifting periods ahead. The lycan will be sick less often, and will experience a great deal of energy and calm emotions.

Two Weeks After Infection

Step 2: As the diseases works its way through the system, the lycan will begin to notice that his/her strength has enhanced, only slightly so, making things such as handling glassware, and other breakable things more difficult until they learn to better control this strength.

Step 3: The lycan will begin to notice a change in his/her senses. They will become more sensitive, making the smallest noise seem louder than expected, the brightest light seem blinding, and the lightest smell seem potent. This at first can seem very nerve-racking and overwhelming to the lycan as it begins suddenly and without warning.

Three Weeks After Infection

Step 4: It is now that the truth becomes clear. The lycan will begin to have dreams of killing those they care for, or witnessing the murders. Often they will not remember the face of the killer, or, they will totally block most of the things from their mind once they awaken. The lycan will begin to notice a change in their sleeping habits, becoming sleepy during the day (not enough to be to life altering), and very active at night, as well as other sudden changes. These may be noticed by others around them as well:

  • Change in sleeping habits.
  • Change in diet. They would now prefer meat over any other, and wish it rare, very rare. Also, candy and sweets become appalling to them.
  • Mood swings. The calm has worn away, and they are now reaching a very irritable stage in their development. Everything gets on their nerves. They may also start fights easily.
  • Rush of energy in cool weather. This is simply the animal in them.

Four Weeks After Infection

Step 5: The lycan is now fully formed. HOWEVER, they will have a very hard time controlling this for a while. Unlike legend lycans can shift on non-full moon nights as well.

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