Blessed: The Human Side of Man

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Backlash: The Stress of Powers
Blessings: The Powers Themselves

The Lycan are made in the image of the Maiden, in tune with nature and all that entails. The Damphyr are created in the image of the Crone, dark and without mercy to all that cross them. The Mortal are made in the image of the mother, pure of worry of impending battles…at least in the beginning.

A lifetime of sin has corrupted that which the Mother made pure. Tarnished a divine plan and laid waste to a world created of love and beauty. It was not until late, however, as the Lycan and the Damphyr waged war that the Mother sought out a way to protect the mortals from being caught in the crossfire. She saw fit that a small few be born with the abilities of the mother. Small gleamings of powers to give their race an edge, foretell the dangers resting ahead, and give hope to her race in the times of darkness and rage. She called them mortal still, but gifted. The Lycan called them blessed, and the Damphyr called them Seers. Regardless what remains clear is that these few and rare individuals hold abilities that set them apart from the other mortals. What they do with these abilities have yet to be foretold, but the other races are not blind to the advantage such gifts can hold, it had lead to many a mortal trapped or lured into the darkness by thirsting evil and many a Lycan standing back apart and these mortals count in the protection of the human race? Because a mortal that can see the she mortal at all?

Mortals with advanced abilities are -very rare- and will not be approved in bulk. Applications for this race will be carefully looked at by staff and should be detailed and quality applications. The players RP capabilities should also reflect the importance of these applications, with quality and acceptable pose length (6 or more lines). These slots are limited and based on player base size, so please check in advance with staff-before- progressing into creation, or staff will ask you to start over.

Also note that these characters are -mortal-. They hold no special abilities beyond their gift and are in all other aspects -completely- human in every other way. Should a blessed mortal become Damphyr or Lycan, they lose their abilities completely. This is not negotiable.
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