Cane Bayou, Louisiana

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Black Cypress Reservoir: Good Fishing and Big Fun
Cane Bayou Central: Home of the Wolves
Cane Creek Bayou: Mysteries of Nature
Morrison University: And Education Above All
Rift Community: Mystifing and Unwelcoming

Cane Bayou, Louisiana. A historical southern Tourist site caught between small town life of a French inspired settlement, and a blooming city. Not too large to be unsafe, not too small to be dull, the city stretches out comfortably between the beautiful Cane Creek Bayou and the majestic Black Leaf State Park.

The shops open at six and close at nine. Children walk to and from school without fear of drive-bys or stray bullets. Homes operate without fancy security systems and often can be found without locked doors. Car keys never seem to leave the car, and birthday parties are a grand even for all neighbors.

The schools, both Saint Michael's Academy as well as Cane Bayou Central, practice a healthy rivalry for local sports, while they continue the long practiced tradition of carwashes and bake sales. The door-to-door parade of boy scouts and brownie members remain a yearly treat, and the local PTA is active in keeping the community involved in the youths' lives. Yes, life in Cane Creek is a good one. Poverty is minimal and people are friendly.

Winters get little to no snow, and its fair share of ice. Springs are warm, and the summers almost unbearably hot. Halloweens are colorful and festive, and Christmases filled with the jingling of bells and singing of carols. At first glance everything seems just fine. But at the bus stop one can't help but notice the flyers wallpaper the light poles and benches. The faces of missing children stack atop one another as more and more children vanish. More and more accidental deaths and unexplained murders go unsolved. More animals attack and more families move away without a word. Something lurks within the darkness of children's rooms, and even the adults sidestep the shadows at a given chance. Something is not right.

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