Cane Bayou Central

Cane Bayou Central is the local public school, and while it is nothing like the Private Academy across town, its students have gone on to good things as well. Unlike most high schools, Cane Bayou still remains open in dress code, holding tight the simple rules of modesty. Shoes are a must, no belly is to be seen, and no hats are to be worn in class.

The school's athletic field and ball courts are open after school hours and on weekends, and the football team remains the local champs against Saint Michael's for 7 years straight. The competition between the schools is strong.

Cane Bayou does not accept foreign exchange students at all, and the policy for teen pregnancy in school remains in heated debate following the pregnancy of a 9th grade student last year, who remained in school. Needless to say, this is an old school with old morals. Drug checks are random, weapons don't get on school property due to the metal detectors, and teachers do not smile on tardy students.

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