Cane Creek Bayou

The bayous of Cane Creek Bayou are famous for both their beauty, and their mysterious depths. Cypress trees and knees are thick, and the wildlife is active in these areas. The banks of the Cane Creek are a well visited spot for swimming by the youth of the area, even though, honestly, who swims in a place so near the bayou? There have been countless accidents involving wildlife at this location, and yet it remains active during the warmer swimming seasons.

The bayou itself is deep and forbidding even during the day. The canopy of trees limits the light, and most of the area is water, leaving your footing to the suspended board walkways that wind and lead throughout the lush swampy area.

Of course, it's not all water, but what isn't is thick with brush and moss. There are a few houses to be found among the water and moss, a few older Cajun locals refusing to leave behind the days of old.

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