Damphyr: Created of the Crone

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In the beginning, not the direct beginning, but in the first lifetimes of creation, there was war. A war that raged on between the Maiden Goddess's children known as the Lycan, and the Crone Goddesses children, known as the Damphyr.

In this time, before the Mother Goddess had awoken to the war torn world she'd so carefully sown, the Lycan, a race created in the Maidens image, half animal and half mortal sought to protect the world from destruction, while the Damphyr, a race created in the image of the crone, half darkness and half mortal, sought to dominate and destroy them. Why the Damphyr were driven by such rage has never been explained, but one thing remains clear. They had the ability to infect others. To spread their anger and rage through their person to other beings. The ability to destroy nature and corrupt the hearts of mortals and Lycan alike.

Some say that the Lycan and Damphyr were created as complete equals, matched in power and cunning, destined to be mortal enemies, as youth is the enemy of age. The war was great, and it awoke the Mother goddess who saw the destruction and bloodshed by the Lycan and Damphyr and was outraged.

She cast a curse on the Lycan, cursing them to two separate forms, but what she saw fit as a punishment for the Damphyr was far worse. The race was cast out of the light into the shadows and cursed to drink in the blood they had shed for all eternity. This curse has spawned many legends and myths. Stories of a creature called Vampire, Vampyre, and many other names. Tales of death and seduction. Of a beautiful being able to lure and change mortals with but a bite.

The tales are not completely false. The Damphyr are a race of beauty and grace. Hunters of the night with a thirst for blood that is insatiable. Fortunately for them many of the weaknesses that legend gives them are pure fiction. This is fairly unfortunate for Lycan and humankind as well.

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