Damphyr Aspects: Physical and Mental Aspects

While Damphyr do appear human for the most, there are small differences that can be found among their kind that set them apart. These differences are often circumstantial, but all can be hidden carefully by witty Damphyr. Below is a small list of things that are alien about their kind.


The Damphyr age at only about one third the rate of mortals once puberty has been completed (16-18 years of age for women, 18-20 for men). Thus, after puberty, every 3 years ages the Damphyr 1 year (a Damphyr of 46 years would actually appear to be about 26-27 to years of age).

Burning Eyes

The eyes of a Damphyr are a beautiful, haunting thing in the right light. Normally their eyes appear normal, often hues of pale blues and greens and light amber, but in the right light or under heavy emotional stress the colors change. A flush of blood through their system tinges the eyes, resulting in what many have in the early times called 'the burning eyes'. Once the Damphyr is calm again, the blood rush resides and the burning is over. A few Damphyr, thanks to the introduction of new blood into the families, have been born with dark eyes. This is considered a gift, since the burning is less obvious and almost invisible against the dark irises.

This effect is also something that is visible after a vampire feeds on human blood. Why is unknown, but for up to two hours after feeding on fresh human blood a Damphyr will be unable to diminish the red from his or her eyes. This must fade naturally, and can lead to more than a few problems socially.


Damphyr have budding fangs. They are not overly noticeable, but function the same way that legend would state, but sucking the blood of their prey..of course, what legend states about two lovely little fang marks is pure fiction. The bite of a Damphyr is easily distinguishable as a human bite mark, and while the fangs are used to break the skin, sucking blood is an act that is messy and painful to the prey.

These fangs are not retractable, and are a visibly set feature of the Damphyr.

Living Fever

A Damphyr is not a dead creature. In fact they are no more dead than any human or Lycan. Their heart still beats, their blood still pumps, and they still breath. How this can be, and they still survive as they do, is one of a million mysteries revolving around the damned race. Where legends tell of Vampires being cold as the dead to touch, the true reality is that touching a Damphyr is like touching someone with fever. Their core body temperature is commonly found to be around 102.2, putting them at the level of fever in a normal human. This can be felt on their skin easily. It intensifies when they are highly emotional, as well as when they have just fed. Not only that, but their heartbeat is rapid, nearly a hum. It is this strange enigma that is said to cause the burning eyes of the Damphyr, as well as their strength, speed, and other abilities.

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