Damphyr Carriers: The Blessing of a Curse

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Carrier Powers: The Bestowed
Carrier Weaknesses: Weakness for the Weak

The blood of a Damphyr is a truly powerful thing. The very curse of the Mother cast down on them, embedded into their every cell and fiber, summarized in the potency of their life force. Their blood, that thick, tarry red liquid coursing their veins, carries in it the ability to create life, and destroy it.

While most of the Damphyr community is made up of true and changed Damphyr, there is a small percentage (about 1 out of every 50 Damphyr), that exist just outside the cusp of the curse. A race born of Damphyr blood that lacks the weight of their brethren's nature. Lacks the lust for blood, and the inherit design of a killer. These beings, these blessed Damphyr, are known as Carriers.

Carriers of Damphyr blood occupy a special place in the Damphyr society. In the most basic sense they are the weakest link. A handicap lacking the strengths of the Damphyr. Much more human than not. That is, until you learn of their place in the Damphyr world.

It is believes by the elder Damphyr that the Carriers are a gift from the Crone. A sign that the curse of their people is coming to an end. Or that they are evolving. Both are good signs.

Unlike their counterparts, the Damphyr carriers do not have the same weaknesses as their brothers. They are not weakened by sunlight. They do not have a scent to give them away to Lycans. And they do not suffer from the unquenchable thirst for human blood. They also do not have the same strengths as their brothers.

Carriers of Damphyr blood have their own unique gifts and skills. They are beautiful, first off. Physically impressive, mentally cunning, and socially graceful. Everything about the Damphyr carrier is made to draw onlookers in, lower their inhibitions. There are stories linked back to the existence of these creatures. Legends of Damphyr carriers striking out into villages in the dark of night and luring unsuspecting mortals out with their beauty only to lead them into the hungry clutches of their Damphyr brethren.

Furthermore the Carriers of the Damphyr are not without mystical property. While it is dangerous and rare, these creatures -can- access powers. Powers that even the Damphyr themselves both admire and fear. Access to these powers, however, comes with a price.

Despite their human appearances, Carriers do still hold within their veins the blood of the Damphyr. Should a Carrier choose to partake of human blood, they can unlock a gift unique to them. A carrier who regularly drinks blood will find themselves growing in power, but will also find themselves addicted to the sensation it gives. This sensation will drive them mad, over time, and create a creature that even the Damphyr watch with caution.

Carrier Powers: The Bestowed

Damphyr Carriers can, upon a specific set of circumstances (found in News Damphyr Carriers), develop strange and unique powers of their own. These powers follow no set pattern or theme, and develop only under the stipulations found within the file. To apply for one of these powers please contact staff, once it has been cleared you may type out a outline for the power. These powers are unique to your character and will not be made public or placed in CG.

Carrier Weaknesses: Weakness for the Weak

Being a Damphyr Carrier itself can often be considered a weakness. You are at a strong disadvantage up beside your brethren, and many a carrier has been made to feel weak and insignificant by the true Damphyr.

While this is not always the case, the Carriers have no -set- weakness. They carry the curse of their bloodline within the veins, so they are, in ways, doomed to never be free of their true natures. Even Carriers who strike out and leave the Guild and their fellow Damphyr in their pasts can never truly know life without the curse, nor may they ever conceive children that will be free of the curse.

Damphyr Carriers are not subject to the weaknesses of their race, this includes but is not limited to sunlight and iron.

A Damphyr Carrier who regularly partakes of blood will become addicted, just as a true or turned Damphyr.

Also, Damphyr Carriers lack the physical markers of their race.

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