Damphyr Feeding: Feeding Habits and Facts

There is much speculation within the world of the Damphyr about where many of the legends stemmed from as far as feeding is concerned. Stories of pleasurable bites perfect fang punctures, and retractable fangs will earn you a laugh if presented to the race, for they are little more than fable among the killers.

Understanding the feeding process first requires knowing about a Damphyr's fangs. First off, they are not retractable, but are always present. The canines of a Damphyr are slightly longer, and slightly sharper than a normal humans, much like that of an animal. Yes, it is something that is visible, however it is not something that is outright noticeable if the Damphyr is careful.

The fangs are not hollow either, as legend would tell, and in fact are merely used to aid the teeth in breaking the skin of their victim so that the Damphyr can drink. The truth of the matter is, a Damphyr bite looks remarkably human, leaving a near perfect bite mark on the body. Damphyr bites are bloody, messy attacks. Painful and terrifying to experience.

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