Damphyr Lexicon: What Words Mean

The Becoming - The process of changing. When a Damphyr becomes a true Damphyr, or is turned.

The Thirst - The burning, overwhelming desire to hunt and feed. This is directed on humans.

Rage - The loss of control when faces with human blood. The inability to contain ones instincts.

Vessel - A human or Carrier chosen to act as a vessel for a Damphyr. This is over-romanticized by most, as the vessel usually is either accidentally turned or killed by the appetite of the Damphyr.

Vessels are not considered safe or acceptable by most elder Damphyr, and are discouraged. It is not, however, unheard of. Most vessels are kept secret from the Guild.

The Face - The 'human' personality used by a Damphyr. Often used to mislead or deceive those around him.

Bestowed - Another word for a Damphyr Carrier, particularly one that as awakened a gift.

Blood Call - the discipline of a Damphyr who has broken Guild law or knowing endangered the community. This is usually considered to be the execution party, though it does not always end in death. This can also be called to discuss the matter of an enlightened mortal, as well as the fate of a vessel that has been discovered.

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