Damphyr Powers: Skills of Legend

Damphyr have a number of powers and abilities. The older and more experienced, the greater the range and strength of her powers. It is very -very- rare for a Damphyr to have a power not found below, but not impossble. If you feel you deserve to be one of these very few please contact Mrs. Blue BEFORE aping it. These apps will be rare.

Mind's Eye

The Damphyr may cause his prey to fall into a trance like state by looking into her eyes. This of course is nothing like the movies would entail. It is not a forced state of mind, but a calming ability that can, in essence, lull the prey into a false sense of peace. A racing heart will slow, a shaking hand will calm, and a panicking mind will slow. Sudden movements or acts that seem dangerous to the state of health of the prey can, and will break the trance. The mind of the victim is not 'under control', this is not mind control, but the ability to calm, lull, and allure.


This power gifts Damphyr with startling speed and reflexes. They can use this power to move with amazing swiftness. Anything from crossing a room, to picking up a glass, to attacking a foe can be done in the speed of the blink of an eye. While the enhances senses of a Lycan can track these movements to a degree, the speed of this power are so great that mortals merely fail to perceive it, making the use of it a truly terrifying and awesome vision to behold.


Conventional weapons can only slow down Damphyr. Their bodies will recover from any type of injury given time, although they can feel pain and shock from their injuries. Leaving a Damphyr 'for dead' is often a tragic mistake; not only will the creature recover but it will most likely harbor an intense hatred for those who made it suffer.


Damphyr, like the Lycan, are supernaturally strong. A Damphyr can lift a car easily. This usually means that taking a hit from a Damphyr is much like being hit by a VW Bug, It's most defiantly going to smart.

Heightened Sense

This power sharpens all the Damphyr sense, effectively doubling the clarity and range of sight, hearing, and smell. While her senses of taste and touch extend no farther than normal, they likewise become far more acute; the Damphyr could taste the hint of liquor in a victim's blood, or feel the give of the board concealing the hollow space in the floor. The Damphyr may magnify her senses at will, sustaining this heightened focus as long as she desires. Expanded sense come at a price, however. Bright lights, loud noises and strong smells present a hazard while the Damphyr uses this power. In addition the possible distraction of an especially sudden stimulus - like the glare of a spotlight or a clap of thunder - can blind or deafen the Damphyr for an hour or more. Also, it causes them to be reminded at all times of the blood rushing below the skin of all around them, never allowing them to be at rest from the hunger within.

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