Damphyr Rules

There are a small set of rules that are expected to be followed by Damphyr, they can be found below. Of courses these are not -law-, as in there have been many a Damphyr to forsake, or ignore some or all of these rules. That said, however, a character should expect to face the consequences of his or her actions regarding these rules and his or her disregard.

1. A Damphyr is NEVER to give away the location of the Rift as what it is. All members of the Rift community are not Damphyr, but are aware of the nature of many of its members. Exposing the community will bring death upon your door in a swift and painful end. Should a character need to out the community, they should do so carefully and with caution, or with the permission of an elder of the community.

2. A Damphyr should not expose his or her true nature to a human. The race has taken steps over the lifetimes to ensure the safety and livelihood of their kind, working to overcome the curse and live their lives. They hunt in secret, and kill in the shadows, not openly and before the eyes of millions. To do so, will be dangerous to all. Expect to be in very big trouble.

3. The Lycan are the sworn enemy of the Damphyr. For no reason are the Lycan to be trusted or brought to the community. For NO REASON AT ALL will the presence of a Lycan be tolerated in the community. To bring one in is to sentence them to death. This is not negotiable. (Romanic or Friendship Relationships between Lycan and Damphyr are not applicable inside the theme.)

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