Damphyr Society: The Guild

A guild is, by definition and purpose, a group of Damphyr acting as a community. Often these groups share a specific sets of ideals and beliefs, as well as a commonly sought after way of life. Guilds are seldom settled, often migrating across lands slowly, settling for only short amounts of time before moving on to a new, fresh hunting ground. Of course, in this common day and age many Damphyr communities are settling, striking out to embrace the way of life that they believe will eventually lead to the lifting of the curse, by eating only animals and human food.

A Guild is ran by the eldest Damphyr of the community, regardless of sex. Often these people are held in very high respect, viewed as the most important and wise of the race. They create the rules and laws of each Guild, as well as make any decisions that affect them as a group. It is their decision to stay in one lace, or move. Because of this all Guilds are different. Some support the open hunting of humans and do little to hide their true natures, while others support hunting of humans under specific guidelines. Some have even forbidden the hunting of humans, instead sustaining their thirsts on human food and animals.

Guilds are often very secretive and solitary, preferring to keep outsiders at a distance. It is considered dangerous to bring in non-Damphyr, and this is often forbidden without first clearing it with the Elders of the Guild. Bringing in Damphyr from other Guilds is also looked down upon, though there is an unspoken law that requires they at least offer sanctuary for those of their kind passing through. There is also an unspoken law that all Damphyr passing through the territory of another respect their rules and law, making them tread softly while in another's hunting grounds.

While often a Guild has claims to an area, it is not unheard of for other Damphyr to take up residence in the area. They are, however, looked down upon as well as expected to follow the rules defined by the ruling Guild. This has lead to many peaceful alliances with other groups, as well as many wars for territory.

It is not strange for a large city to have several guilds residing within it. Often, in this case, there is one ruling Guild which in turn, rules the lower. These areas are often filled with raging personal wars between guilds.

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