Damphyr Weaknesses: The Achilles Heel


The Damphyr do not take damage from sunlight as severely legend would have others believe. However, the Damphyr do suffer debilitating effects from exposure to sunlight. Being outside in the sunlight neutralizes most of the Damphyr's supernatural powers to a degree. They only have access to half their normal strength or speed. Their healing factors are inherent and not damaged by this aspect.

While they take no actual damage from the sunlight, they find themselves weaker, and tired in the rays. Shade can lessen, or in the case of complete converge remove these effects. Cloudy days or overcast skies can also lessen this.

(NOTE: In this case refer to the +today. Weather is considered IC unless the scene agrees to changing it)


Damphyr are no less cursed than they were upon the way the Mother cast them down, continuing to suffer from the craving for blood. They can hear the pumping of a heart. The rushing of blood in the veins. They can smell the red gold around them, and suffer cravings that must be kept in check at all times. Luckily they are taught control and willpower from a young age, so at the onset of puberty (when these abilities and thirsts become active), they often have the ability to walk away rather than pounce their neighbor for a taste. This does not, however, mean they are not affected by these urges.

Whenever exposed to blood, the Damphyr will be forced to wrestle with the creature inside them. Should a Damphyr actually taste warm, human blood, they will enter what is called 'Bloodlust' which has 2 parts. First they enter a rage that is driven by their nature. To hunt, and kill. Second the desire remains even after they have left the scene. Even if they manage to will away the desires to feed, the addiction remains coursing through their veins. Overcoming Bloodlust is a hard, trying, and complicated matter no different than overcoming a heroin addiction, with all the same physical, emotional, and mental side effects.

It is also notable that Vampires -can- live on the blood of animals, as well as ingest and draw nutrients from human food. Unfortunately human food tastes bland and unappealing, especially to a vampire that ingests human blood often. They do not -have- to eat human food however, and cal live healthily on a diet of animal blood or human blood. Despite this, no matter how much they feed on animal blood or food, they will never satisfy the thirst, merely make it more tolerable.

Stake To The Heart

Legend would have you believe that a stake to the heart is one of the only ways to kill a vampire. This might be so, but a -Damphyr- is no more killed by a steak to the heart as a cut to the finger. Despite being living, breathing creatures the Damphyr -can- and -does- survive impalements regardless of where on the body they take them. That said, staking a Damphyr through the heart is a very good way to incapacitate him or her. While staked, the Damphyr cannot move, instead they are struck paralyzed until the stake is removed.


For whatever reason iron causes severe discomfort in Damphyr. Any damage taken by iron will heal much much more slowly and be twice as painful. Not only that but even the very presence of iron can cause a Damphyr to become violently ill. Prolonged exposure to it could be deadly. This said, this weakness is not commonly known.

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