Ire: Cane Bayou Kith

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Ire Blood: The Kiths Take on Breed
Ire Initiation: Entering into the Fold
Ire Mating: Unions & Births of the Kith
Ire Members: The Faces of the Kith
Ire Elders: The Law of the Kiths

The Ire Kith have long resided in the lands surrounding Cane Bayou. Said to have come over from Europe in the settling New Orleans, they soon left behind the growing city populace for the solitude of nature. They settled near the area that would become the Black Cypress Reservoir, integrating into the flourishing community.

As the Ire settled in and made Cane Bayou their home, they slowly began to fall victim to their human sides. They began to take mates, and while most remained firm to the Lycan bloodlines many found themselves taking human mates, turning them, and diluting their pure Lycan blood. It was this lifestyle that nearly saw the areas Lycan population die out.

The Ire were present on the day the Rift Community floated onto the shores of the Bayou, bringing to the area the curse of the Damphyr. The Ire stood firm against them, and as the two races spoke they struck a deal. The Damphyr would hunt animal, like their brethren Lycan, and leave the towns people safe. This deal has, until the present, been held above all law. But now with people turning up dead the Ire are starting to wonder if they themselves are the culprits, or if the Damphyr have in fact broken their part of the deal.

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