Ire Elders: The Law of the Kiths

There are eight (8) elders in the Kith, all of which are well respected. All of which hold different views on politics, lifestyle, and Lycan law. It is through their differences and likenesses that they are able to rule over the local Kith with strength and fairness.

The life of an Elder is hard. Most have family within the Kith, and must often remain separated from this fact when making decisions based on what is best for the Kith, especially when it puts his or her family members in the line of fire. It has not been unheard of for an elder to lose a family member for refusing entrance to a human mate, or for laws passed that caused grief to one or more loved ones. Unfortunately this is the curse of the Elder. Despite this tough rank, they hold strongly to their beliefs that the good for the many outweighs the good of one.

Below are the names of the current Elders of the Ire Kith. You may see more information regarding them by accessing their info files.

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