Ire Mating: Unions & Births of the Kith

The Ire are a very social Kith, so marriage and birth are among the most praised and celebrated events acknowledged by the Lycan of this community. There are few celebrations larger or more enjoyable than a union or birth, for which the community spares no amount of energy. Mating with a human however is a bit more of a trial before a party. The Lycan needs to clear the human with the Kith before enlightening him or her to the nature of his people. This is often viewed with distaste, as human have proven themselves more and more often to be incapable of seeing beyond their fears into a new world. Normally, once the decision has been made in the favor of the human, the Lycan is most often orders to foster them. This is the most common way of integrating a human mate into the fold. In very rare instances, should a human provide more use as a human than fostered, they will be allowed to remain in their natural state. This is very rare, and often something seen only once or twice in a Lycan's lifetime. Even with the head Elders blessing for such an arrangement, it is often met with silent resentment and suspicion.

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