Shakin' Things Up

Dot's Diner
Stepping through the revolving glass door of Dot's Diner is like stepping back into the fifties. Decorated in a theme found only in flashy 50's movies, the room could not be more stereotypical and yet they manage an air of amusing animation within its walls. Neon lights have been worked into the decor at any opportunity, from flashing 'Eats' and "Coke' signs strung over the main counter, to the ever retro black and white checked floors.

The main wall of the diner consists of large display windows, which are lined in cushy red booths to allow people from the street to view within the diner, while patrons are offered the chance to watch the lazy streets outside. While the booths tend to be the most popular seating, the center of the room is taken up by tables of black surfaces and white cushioned chairs.

At the head of the room stands the main counter, a span of black polished wood trimmed in chrome, holding a display of cookies and cakes as well as the cash register. It's here people may place to go orders, we well as place orders should the wait staff be on break or should the hour be creeping closer to late.

Outside, towering white clouds drift slowly through the blue sky. It's hazy and hot, and the glare of the sun seems to drain the color from the landscape. The shade under the deep green leaves of the trees is welcome relief from the hot glare of the sun.

Towering white clouds drift slowly through the blue sky overhead, doing little to filter or censored the heat of the sun as it bares it's glare down over the sleepy town of Cane Bayou. The air outside is hazy and hot, the heat draining the color from the town despite the shade that the occasional carefully tended tree tries to offer.

Despite this, the town itself remains in constant motion, children running and playing, mothers shopping and jogging, and teens wandering in masses to and from the areas of peek interest. One area of peek interest is the diner, with its state of the art air conditioning system, and it's rather massive space of booths, tables, and bar-fronted stools.

Seated at one such booth is Taylor, who is…of course, reading. Book open in front of him, his eyes remain fixated on the pages despite the fact that across from him a rather chatty blonde has yet to become discouraged from her flirting assault. There does however seem to be mounting agitation from her as she watches him in his displaced interest, shown through the higher pitch of every third word of her conversation. Taylor, however, being the ever so talkative and girl crazed individual he is, merely offers the occasional, "Uh-huh…yeah." in place of /actual/ interaction.

Beyond the boy and the blonde (who's name is Emily by the way), the diner is rather busy, with groups of teens hording full corners of the building, while families mingle in the middle.

Into the diner arrives one Kevin Redfield, looking rather worse-for-wear for the heat today, giving off the appearance of someone who ignored temperature warnings and nevertheless went for a long walk in the sun, or was otherwise engaged in outdoor physical activity even on a day like today. Still, despite looking to have beaten himself down out in the heat, he looks to be in a good mood even with disheveled hair and a rather sweaty physical disposition. One would imagine that other teens, despite their daily cruelties, are suffering the same fate and aren't giving him a rough time of it - at least not for today - judging from the fact that he's not assaulted nor mocked by the less-significant parties in his life as he moves through the diner, as if looking for someone …

And where the people are, Brooke will appear. She is like a mythical creature, or some sort of urban legend in that respect. But instead of having to say "Bloody Mary" in the mirror three times at midnight, the way to summon the not-so-elusive Brooke Harris is to congregate a good amount of pheromones in a location.

That said, Brooke arrives with a posse of her own. A small group, consisting of three fellow cheerleaders and a couple of football players bustle through the door of the diner, laughing loudly and obnoxiously in that movie-esq fashion. With her hand clamped over her mouth, the girl is attempting to control her bright giggles all the while she dances out of the arms of one of the tall boys. The process leads her to nearly crash into the incoming Kevin. "Oh wow, sorry! I-" But then, she turns and sees exactly /who/ he is. "Oh. It's just you. Nevermind then. C'mon, I want to get a good table!"

"And then I told Amanda to tell Brad that third base so did not make her a slut, and he coul—Taylor? Are you even /listening/ to me?" Emily manages to intermix two emotions upon her face. Frustration…and pretty. She is rather pretty after all. Unfortunately that amounts to a hill of beans with Taylor who has not missed a line within his book yet, and reactions only to his name as she speaks. "Uh-huh. Yeah." He states again for the thirteenth time in the past 45 minute conversation. "Third base. Gottacha. Slut."

He flips the page almost exactly at the moment that the saltshaker flies toward him, missing his head and hitting instead the father figure behind the teen. This has two results. Emily flees. The man stands, and with salt shaker in hand bypasses Taylor and stalks on toward the manager's office. Damn kids.

It leaves Taylor bewildered at the sudden burst of silence, his eyes lifting from the pages to catch the tail end of Emily leaving past the entering party of Brooke and company, as well as the collision between said vixen and…Kevin. This causes a blink, before he sighs and tilts his face to watch the interaction. Sure he likes her but…Brooke really is a bitch.

Without missing a beat, Kevin looks Brooke up and down as if trying to recognize her before suddenly exclaiming "BROOKE!" just a little bit too loudly. "Hey, I'd love to talk, but I gotta-" he says, looking around to his left and right before spotting Taylor at the far table, "-hook up with a friend of mine." He smiles, showing his bright-white teeth. "Hey, listen - last night was _great_, but," and lifts a hand to pantomime wiping something off the side of his lip as he continues, "you missed a spot." With that, he makes to move toward Taylor's table. "Tayman!"

Brooke had already summarily dismissed Kevin by the time the other boy recognizes her, so she's turned away and is directing her small group of people before jumping at the dramatically exclamation given by the Native American. It prompts the girl to jump in her skin a little, and with a blink she just turns to /look/ at Kevin for his lack of social grace. "I'm sure you would," she interrupts when he starts talking, but then he offers his little attempted insult. There's a pause, before the girl rolls her eyes and feigns a smile in his direction. "Was it? I totally knew hooking you up with Big Bubba was a good move! He's a sweet guy. I just hope he wasn't /too/ rough with you - I heard he wasn't too popular with the inmates at his prison for some reason." Her words are smooth and genuine-sounding.

Brooke is about to turn around and speak to her companions, no doubt to insult Kevin to his face not-so-discreetly, when he picks up on Taylor. Because of this, she notices Taylor as well. And when Kevin approaches Taylor, a faintly irritated expression grows on her face - almost possessive. "Tayman - what are you, four? Hi Taylor!" She bounds over to the reading lad, completely ditching her friends. Because Taylor is more important, and because stealing his attention away from Kevin is even MORE important.

Taylor hears Kevin's words. It has two reactions. It completely draws Taylor out of his reading. And it impresses a look of aggravation on his features as he leans back in the seat and turns his attention on the approaching Indian. Why? It's…rather personal on a very secretive level.

Still, his aggravation aside Taylor does greet the other teen with a low nod of his head before he finally reaches to take a drink from his bottle of water. A bottle that during his visit has sat and went unopened, thanks to the blonde. It is only during this drink that Brooke approaches in all her vocal, cheerleading presence. It earns a soft choke from him as well…why. WHY NOW? "H-hey Brooke." Stupid windpipe!

Sliding into the booth, though basically uninvited, Kevin honestly acts as though he hasn't heard a word Brooke said about 'Bubba,' or the admonishments about his age, though his attention does return to her when she says "Hi, Taylor!" He then looks back toward Taylor, quietly murmuring "Tell me you don't like that prairie-dog over there." He shakes his head, overstating despondence. "Sad, sad day."

It doesn't take very long for Brooke to reach the table Taylor and now Kevin are inhabiting. For the sake of peace in some degree, she'll pretend she didn't hear Kevin and his prairie-dog comment. In fact, she'll pretend Kevin doesn't exist altogether. What she does do is, very much like Kevin, slide into the booth right beside Taylor, grinning with a light giggle as he chokes on his water. "Oh wow, are you okay, hun'?" She inquires, lifting a hand to brush her hair behind an ear before she reaches over to trail her hand over his chest soothingly. "Don't die on me now. Anyway, what're you doing here all alone?"

Kevin does one very clear thing with his comment regarding Brooke. Its' stir up something very hostile in Taylor for a few split seconds. Long enough for his voice to lower in a slight growl, "Respect is not optional." Brooke, despite her…err…faults, is a carrier, and carriers are sacred to the race and the very definition of the Maid…or, something. Mostly Taylor is just squishy on the girl next to him…who, insists on touching. This is a very quick way to silence the growling gloomy-gus and earn a second, much smaller cough. "I'm…fine." Beat. "I wasn't alone. I had a … Emily was here a few minutes ago." And now Kevin is there. He's totally not alone.

Kevin leans back against the seat of the booth into which he's just invited himself. "Hey," he says at the growl demanding respect, "it's cool. It's cool." he puts his hands palm-down onto the table and looks from Taylor to Brooke and then back from Brooke to Taylor. Oh, no. He blinks twice, wide-eyed, as if he's unable to compute the details of this squishiness. Rather than continue on that train of thought, however, Kevin moves to change the subject, brightening even more as he asks "Is she coming back?" See - he likes girls.

Oh yes, Kevin. Oh yes. Taylor's growl and faintly surly tendencies prompt a broad, genuine smile from Brooke and she eyes the lycan boy rather thoughtfully and gratefully. "Relax - it's okay." She attempts to soothe him, stroking his chest gently before leaning over to brush her lips over his cheek in a sweet little kiss. It's her version of thank you. And, even if Kevin /weren't/ around to annoy, this is probably how their interactions would end up anyway - the fact that it seems to bother Kevin a little is just a bonus. "Thanks, though."

Brooke turns to eye Kevin astutely for a moment to compute his reaction, and partially to communicate the 'HA I WIN' that has her ever so satisfied, but just like before, she essentially ignores the Native American. "Oh, Emily?" Really, Brooke has no problem with Emily, except for the fact that she's apparently hanging around Taylor now. "She's a little…oh. Nevermind. But anyway, what're you doing now?"

A throng of high school kids come into the diner at this moment, with Emmanuelle bringing up the rear. One may think she's with the group of laughing high school kids… but no, she's not. That's made evident as she breaks away from the group and moves to the counter while they snag a booth for themselves. Drumming her fingers briefly on the counter, she flashes a smile to the waitress before simply ordering herself, "A pepsi please, and an order of chili cheese fries, with onions, and do you have jalapenos? Awesome. Those as well. And Tabasco please." A glance around has her eyes skimming lightly over Brooke, Taylor, and Kevin, though it's to Kevin she tosses a wave. If he sees her.

Fortunately, or perhaps less-fortunately depending on who you are in the diner, Kevin does indeed spot Emmanuelle, because he's looking directly away from the table as she moves to wave, presumably to avoid Brooke's expression-only victory dance. He returns the wave, and pulls his hand back after a few shakes to indicate for Emmanuelle to join them. Looking back toward Taylor and Brooke, he seems disappointed in the other young man, but is doing his best to hide it. "No - she's a little what, Brooke?"

Taylor coughs again, this time however it seems hi final one, and while he doesn't seem overly comfortable with this amount of social affection…and is starting to question the girls motives, he does eventually give Kevin a firm nod of his head to indicate…yes. this is however the final spurt of dominance from Taylor before he deflates and slumps back into his seat like the brooding anti-social retard that he is. "She left because /apparently/ I suck at carrying a conversation." Gees. Who knew right? "Apparently at some point I follies pretending to listen. So, if you want her she ran that-a-way…but I don't suggest it. She's kinda an attention whore." Brooks touching does prompt a physical reaction though, a faint but present smirk and a wink. See, he sees her.

Brooke just turns a frown to Kevin as he attempts to provoke a fight, looking mildly annoyed. "High-pitched, is what she is. But then again, I shouldn't really be one to talk." She admits with a sniff, rolling her eyes towards the sky as she responds to the boy dryly and without humor. Then, her attention returns to Taylor, who is altogether more pleasant than Kevin could ever hope to be in Brooke's personal opinion. "Aww, poor thing. I don't think you suck at carrying a conversation. You talk just fine if you're interested in something." Sympathetically, she trails her hand away from his chest after giving him a couple of friendly pats, but she doesn't remove herself from his person completely. No, her fingers still linger on his forearm. When he describes Emily as an attention whore, the girl giggles brightly. "Well, nothing wrong with that if you do it /right/." But, she is pleased that Emily has not been accepted, apparently. Since Brooke is attempting to ignore the rotting carbuncle of civilization that is Kevin, she also does not notice Emmanuelle.

So Emmanuelle see's Kevin's hand trying to wave her over to his table, her eyes lingering on Taylor for a moment, then the same to Brooke. As her order isn't yet prepared, she turns to the waitress and cancels it, instead just paying for her Pepsi which she takes in one hand before sliding off of her stool. Now she moseys over to the table, "Hi Kevin." A grin to that boy before her eyes turn to the other two at the table, a simple "Hi," to Brooke, then a "Tay…lor, right? We met at the beach once, with that other female… Ivy?" A sip of her pepsi, then a swallow, "I guess everyone knows everyone in this town. To a degree."

Kevin blinks, looking toward Taylor and soundlessly mouthing out in overstated lip-movements "FE - MALE?" with a look that suggests he simply Does Not Understand the word-choice. Then, nevertheless, he's sliding over from his place in the booth to give Emmanuelle room to sit down, herself. "Yeah, Emmy. That's Taylor, and this is Brooke." He gestures with his left hand, introducing each of the other two boothmates to Emmanuelle, with whom he's obviously familiar. "We're just hanging out." Brooke gets another glance at this point, and it's almost apologetic - but not quite.

Taylor is astounded at how quickly the diner seems to be filling, so as Emma approaches Brookes teasing are shuffled to the back of his mind, and her hand given a soft pet before he nods. "Emma…yeah." he remembers her. He nearly knocked her into the lake. He's also socially ignorant to the fact that more of a response would be much much more welcoming to the new girl. Still, he does give her a slight smile as she settles in with Kevin, to whom he sends quirks brow and a slightly clear 'be nice' gaze to before he lowers his head to chuckle. Female…heh. Really he thought only he used that word. "You want something?" Eventually he speaks again, though this time its directed toward Brooke…and very late. But late is better than never, right?

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And Brooke is merely an example of this principle. At this point, Brooke is dead set against Kevin, so even if his gaze were sincerely apologetic, chances are, she'd respond with a disbelieving sneer of some sort, a hair flick, and an angry strut. In this case, she doesn't do either of the above. She might not like Kevin, but she has nothing against Emmanuelle, so when the girl approaches the table she receives an amiable smile from the cheerleader. "Hi there! Emmy, was it?" The girl attempts to clarify, until her attention is captured by Taylor. "Hm? Oh! Well, if you wouldn't mind, lemonade would be /super/ cool right about now, please?"

Emmanuelle slides in next to Kevin, pulling a napkin from the dispenser which is laid on the table, and them her pepsi. "Hello Taylor." A sip of her drink before another napkin is pulled free from the dispenser and wrapped around the glass. "So!" A flash of a smile to Kevin, then back to Taylor and Brooke. "So. So Brooke, will you be a junior as well?" Attempting conversation obviously, Emmanuelle lifting her pepsi as she takes a deep sip, then a swallow. Since Taylor offered to get something for Brooke, apparently this blonde female thinks she has to offer Kevin: "Kevin, you want anything? My treat."

Kevin seems suddenly distracted by the tabletop, looking at his hands palm-flat on the surface. He doesn't even so much as look at Emmanuelle, but he does grin and blush at the cheeks a little. "Uh, yeah?" he says, reaching up to push twin braids back over his shoulders. "Water is fine," he says. "That's ok."

Taylor wrinkles his nose at the idea of lemonade, but he did ask, so from his pocket he fishes a 20 which is handed to the girl next to him with a nod. "You can get it. It stinks." He adds with a faint chuckle, his eyes trailing between the two across from them before his brows lower at Kevin's…attack. "And…be good." Which is yet again something directed at Brooke and her 'attack'. It's needless, if you ask Taylor. As for water, well, that's exactly what Taylor is drinking. It scentless, and cold. Two very good qualities. But Taylor is not without manners thanks to Elizabeth, "Kev, Emma? You want something while Brookes up?"

…And, Taylor just lost all the gentlemanly points he had managed to pick up with that unsuspecting move. Brooke just turns to /stare/ at him. "…Are you like, serious? It's lemonade. How can lemonade stink?" She would go into a detailed rant about this, but Emmanuelle is here, so she wont for the obvious reason. Instead, she lets out a groan and rolls her eyes, standing up and plucking the money from his fingers. "Fine. But I'm so keeping the change. Emma, you might as well get something to go with that pepsi. I can get it. I'm suddenly twenty dollars richer, after all." She ignores all admonishments given by Taylor, since she didn't do anything, and she also blatantly avoids asking for Kevin's order.

"A water? Seriously Kevin?" A pursing of Emmanuelle's lips at this as she shrugs her shoulders, "Don't wanna share a shake or sumptin'?" But regardless, when Brooke stands and announces that she has the money, a soft 'hmm' comes from her as her eyes look to Taylor, then back to Brooke. "No thank you Brooke. I have my Pepsi, but can you bring Kevin back a water too? If you have the free hands, otherwise I'll get it." A flash of a smile to the other woman at this before she takes another sip of her pepsi, and a swallow.

When Emmanuelle suggests sharing a shake, that breaks Kevin out of his visible lethargy. "Sure!" he says, a little too loudly, coughing a few times as he realizes he's being so enthusiastic. "Yeah, I guess. Whatever. Cool. Vanilla or something." He looks back downward toward his hands for a moment, but then reaches to unzip his closed leather jacket and unfasten the buttons, revealing a whitish face horror fans might recognize as Michael Myers from the HALLOWEEN movies.

Taylor merely narrows his eyes at the bell before rolling them and moving to lean against the table again. What can be said. He picks psychos. Cute, happy, cheerleading loons. With nice abs and a great ass. But that's neither here nor now. "Yes dear." He drums out lowly as her list of commands and demands are spouted out in some cute, adorable form of rebellion. "Whatever you want dear." Take that. Passive aggressive attack sequence one!

There is a twitch of Brooke's lips when Emmanuelle asks her to retrieve Kevin's order. Then, she just stands there for a second, fighting against her revulsion of the boy with her friendly disposition that she wears for the new girl. The sigh that follows is exhausted. "I've got it," she intones in a slightly pouty tone, frowning as she moves to saunter over to the desk to order the lemonade and vanilla shake. The process is only interrupted by the mild glare she shoots over her shoulder to Taylor for his dry 'yes dears'. Jerk.

"Alright, a vanilla shake it is." A smile to Kevin before she looks back to Brooke, "Can you make that one large vanilla shake? With two straws. Oh! And whipped cream with a cherry on top. Two cherries." If Brooke and Taylor are having a teenage domestic dispute, Emmanuelle either doesn't notice or just doesn't give any commentary. Eyes follow Brooke briefly, before they turn back to Kevin and Taylor. "So gents. Kevin, you lied to me. You said the only fun you had was standing outside of the drug store… this is way better. Shakes."

Kevin can't help but laugh at himself with Em's remark about his dishonesty. Still, it's a quiet kind of laugh, the near-whispered adolescent chuckle of someone who doesn't want to express themselves loudly with a particular group of peers at this moment, and is willing to suppress even natural emotional responses in the name of not looking like 'a dork.' "I didn't lie. I don't usually come here - was looking for a friend of mine." He shrugs. "It's all good, though." He blushes deeper at the mention of two straws, though, and is rapidly darkening quite severely by this point at the cheeks, though he doesn't seem to be acting as though he's noticed himself yet in this regard.

Emmanuelle seems to discuss something softly with Kevin, before they both slid out from the booth. "We're going to go sit at the counter and chat." A flash of a smile to Taylor and Brooke at this as she carries the vanilla shake with the two cherries, and the two straws. "Give you guys some privacy…" Or maybe Emmanuelle and Kevin some privacy. "It was nice to meet you Brooke. See you around Taylor." With that she heads to the counter with Kevin, murmuring softly.

Brooke returns from the counter with not one shake, but two. Both laden with two straws. Sipping demurely on her own, she hands Emmanuelle hers and targets a semi-sneer in Kevin's direction before the two slip off to do whatever. Then, she slides back into the seat beside Taylor, watching them leave. "…Ew." That's the only thing she can say about that. "She is either /super/ nice, or delusional. I can't tell which yet. Anyway…want to share a shake?" Judging by the way she turns to look at Taylor and bat her eyelashes at him pleadingly, she's of the opinion that he's going to say yes.

Awe. That's adorable, even if she is insulting people every breath of the way. It almost pains Taylor to look at her and those big, pretty eyes. It's painful, but necessary. He does however lean forward to press a kiss to her cheek before lowering his voice. "I don't like sweets." It's painful! Remember this. And pathetic. "But that's sweet. And you're more than welcomes to sit there and play with that straw all you like." Of course, this whole thing is whispered against her before he leans away, a soft tint of apology against his blue eyes before he takes another drink of his water and moves to close the book. "I know. I suck." he doesn't need to be reminded.

Brooke blinks. Once. And then twice. Clearly, she cannot /believe/ the words that are coming out of his mouth. Suddenly, she realizes the truth. Taylor is not a lycan or a boy - he is an alien. "…You are like, the /weirdest/ person ever." She declares simply, a laugh found in her voice as she smiles and starts to toy around with the straws, pushing them around aimlessly with her fingers before she locks her lips around it in a purposefully provocative way and takes a sip. "What else don't you like, then? You know, other than fun?" Despite her words, her free hand dips lower, brushing her finger up against his leg gently.

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