Saving Hyde's Ass

Robinson Street

Beginning along this street, the quaint peacefulness of the residential life cast a soft sense of relaxation to the world. Quiet and calm, this area of the street is lined with homes that fit the very bill for your average, middle class American suburbia. An area developed of privet family homes, there are no apartment buildings along this street.
Primarily built of varying styles, two story structures can be found among the mix of contemporary single level ranch houses as families here maintain a comfortable place among the upper-middle class world. Yards are neatly kept, and trash cans and mailboxes all exactly uniform.
In the light of the day the street comes alive with activity. Children play in the drive, while men and women work in their yards. A few folk sit on their porches, watching the streets, watching the children, or just enjoying the feel of home.
The summer heat beats down no matter the weather. Be it musty, hot, or dry outside, the summer brings with it the feel of youthful energy. Everything is pale grey, veiled by mist. It's warm, humid, and still. Only the nearest tree branches show their full color; more distant trees and branches are colorless and indistinct in the pallid grey fog, looking ghostly and not quite real.

It's a Saturday afternoon like the others, really. Slow, sleepy, and unbearably warm. In an attempt to escape the monotony of his house and his very limited vehicular interests, Hyde has decided to go outside. Then, realizing he had nowhere to go, he went back inside. And then outside once again, like a truly fickle little boy. This time, however, he seems to be pleased and resigned to spend his time out in the open. He's carrying his acoustic guitar, and so after he plops down with a grunt on the front porch of his house, the lad gets on tuning his six-stringed instrument.

"Hello Hyde." Emmanuelle's voice as she's suddenly there, standing infront of his house as her eyes flick to the guitar, then back to him, then back to the guitar. "I was gonna have a lemonade stand, wanna help?" A flash of a grin…
"Just kidding. I was gonna go look at some puppies for sale. May get one. Or a kitten. Can't decide."

"I'd rather stab my foot repeatedly with a red-hot poker, actually." Hyde calls when she pulls her lemonade stand joke out with a vague sense of disinterest, busy as he is plucking on the strings of his guitar. He's not trying to be mean, really. It's just his natural reaction - so much so that his words lack any real malice or passion. They're just…words. Filler. "Mhmm. You should get a cat. They're supposedly cleaner, and wont crap all over the sidewalk." How…charming.

"You're an asshole sometimes Hyde." GASP! She cussed. She takes a step back from him now as her arms cross over her chest, her face turning to look down the street then back to Hyde. "For someone with money, you would think you'd do something good with it. Help others, or volunteer."

Hyde glances upwards only when the insult is given. Truly, he is the worst kind of person, only reacting to negativity. And, he loves it. Looking faintly amused, he sizes Emmanuelle up silently, the corners of his lips curling into a faint smirk. "Only /sometimes/?" He inquires dryly, clearly neither insulted nor bothered by her words. "You just swore. I thought you didn't swear. Hey - say hell." Once he's finished prompting her into further debauchery, he offers the girl a tired sort of shrug. "No thanks. I'm no hero. I don't care enough for people to be all…altruistic and shit. Besides - people annoy me."

"A lot of people don't know the real me Hyde, they just think they know me. They think I'm perfect. they think I'm sweet, and do only good. No one really knows me. Not even you… but you may know a lil' more about me though, just a lil." She moves to take a seat next to him on the porch as her hands clasp in her lap. "I'm sure you annoy people just as much as they annoy you."

Hyde frowns, leaning towards the body of his acoustic as he attempts to use his keen sense of hearing to tune up the high E string. When the pitch is deemed as close to perfect as he can possibly get, the lad deftly works his fingers into a G chord and plays it confidently. Currently, he is sitting upon his front porch steps like a complete loser. Except, he's no longer a complete loser because Emmanuelle has just sat beside him. Flanked by the blond, the lad sighs. "I never pretended to know you, Emma. And you forgot to say hell. C'mon. You can do it, I know you can." He really wants her to curse again. He finds it amusing. "Ha. I hope I /do/ annoy people. And yet, I can't seem to get rid of them, no matter how much of an ass I am. So, either I'm not all that bad, or everyone else is extremely masochistic."

Emmanuelle is sitting next to Hyde like he said, her eyes gazing off into nothingness really but they are aimed towards her own home. "I'm only still here with you cause you live across the street from me Hyde. And I bake for you. And I like baking. So yeah." Her arms uncross as her hands give a rubbing against each other. "I think I want a puppy though, so I can take it for walks and stuff. Look mean. Maybe a Saint Berny."

Speaking of mean. The very definition of anything /but/ mean just pulled up. Rather the sheriffs car moves slowly along the block, slowing to a stop as it nears Blakeley drive. It's barely stopped before the passenger side door flies open, spilling out the creature known as Clair in a mess of grumbling and … waving. Clearly, said car is expected to leave….and soon. And luckily Emma has not been seen…yet.

"So, I win your company because I happen to be the closest thing around?" Hyde inquires, before shrugging his shoulders slightly in acceptance. "Well, that's a better reason than I'm usually given. You should keep it up. I'll gladly eat all your baked goods for you." He is in a fairly decent mood, apparently, since the lad is rather more chatty than normal. Experimenting with the instrument in his hands, he makes a series of chord progressions, only frowning when one particular minor sounds…wrong behind the others. Suddenly, he turns to look at Emmanuelle then, brows arched with dry amusement. "…You want to get a Saint Bernard to look /mean/?" You can practically see his bemused disbelief.

Shaking his head slowly, there is a snort of amusement that comes from the lad as he returns his attention to his guitar playing. Habit prompts him to glance upwards when he hears the car, and when he recognizes the vehicle that is approaching the lad sits up straighter, clearly more attentive. "Uh-oh, Emma - I think the cops heard you call me an asshole. You better make your run for it now." This is said in a drawl, and though it addresses the blond beside him, his eyes don't move from the brunette that has just tumbled out of the police car.

"Ha ha." A smirk to Hyde at this as her eyes moves to the cop car, and watching Clair step out of it. As she doesn't know the chick, the blonde female just watches her for the time being, her hands folded in her lap. "Hey Hyde?" Pause, "Nevermind."
So sayeth Emmanuelle in her crappy pose, as Clair must be rubbing off on her! Kidding. ;)

Her ignorance of the setup lasts no longer. Clairs eyes lift upward as the car pulls away, sweeping over the yard, toward her feet, and then onward and forward over the boy and his..mate. "Heh. Well lookit there." She draws slowly as she presses on, her arms crossing her chest as she moves. "I can't go to a simple family lunch before I'm replaced? I can go bother Taylor if you want a little longer." Despite her words, there's no discernable change in her voice as she talks, just a dull flash to her gaze before she smiles. "Guess you -don't- want these tickets to the car show in Shreveport then? I mean, daddy said you could have them buuut..Maybe Tay or Rioux might like them…" she's teases, but she DOES have tickets in her hand. Just to make the playground clear.

"Hmm?" Hyde hums, tossing Emmanuelle a side-long glance that happens to be rather fleeting in nature. "What? No really - what?" However, the prompting of the blond for answers is cut short by Clair's words. Despite himself, the corners of his lips curl upwards ever so slightly, and he rolls his eyes from her dramatics before beckoning her over with a nod of his head. "Ah, shut up." This is his loving greeting. Said lovingly. "C'mere." Beat. "Oh - Clair, this is Emma. She lives across the street. Emma, this is Clair. She's…" Well, he's not sure /what/ she is. "…A girl."

A perk of Emmanuelle's brow comes from Clair's reaction to her sitting with Hyde… but when introductions are made she stands from her spot next to him as she offers Clair a smile, "Hello Clair. Do you live here as well? Or is this your home? I live across the street like Hyde said. It's nice to meet you." A beat, "I know Rioux, and you mean Taylor? Both sweet boys."

One thin brow quirks slowly at the two. First to Hyde's..introduction, and then toward the ramble that is Emma. "Err..No. I live outside of town." She draws slowly before pressing the smile back to her lips. "As Hyde so sweetly expressed. I am a girl..who is clearly going home very early and very well rested this afternoon." So there. Take that. "And..yeah, Taylor." Beat. "Sweet? Rioux?" beat two, "Do you actually /know/ Rioux?" because Rioux is about as charming as a pit viper! Regardless, one hand does move to ruffle Hydes hair with her fingers. "Still, it's very nice to meet you. Hyde hadn't told me he had such sweet and concerned neighbors. Note..the tightening to his hair. Clair is sweet like that.

…Okay. When did the banter become less playful and where exactly was Hyde when this transition occurred? Hyde can only blink slowly, all of a sudden frowning quite emphatically as he senses the shift in the air. Why does he get the feeling that he's in trouble? Looking to Emma, his gaze slowly travels over to Clair, where it falls and he gives her a specific sort of expression that practically embodies the 'whaaaat?' that witless boys tend to give when they think themselves blameless. The addendum to her introduction sobers Hyde up considerably, and he even clenches his jaw, furrowing his brows as he prepares himself to go into full on brood mode. Nothing is said, however. And then the two girls are discussing guys - /other/ guys - and he wants to rolls his eyes but is slightly afraid of offending either party even more. The slightly vicious tugging of his hair is taken with only the slightest wince. "Ahh - yeah, well, I'm mysterious like that. So…when's the show?" This is clearly him grasping for straws, trying to find a way to distract Clair.

"I don't know Hyde -that- well, and there isn't much to tell." A slight smile from Emmanuelle to Clair at this, then, "Sure I know Rioux, and he's always been nice to me. So yeah, I could say he's sweet." A bit to her bottom lip at this, then, "Hyde has said some lovely things about you Clair," she speaks with a smile, her eyes drifting to Hyde, then back to Clair. "Since I'm kinda new in town, perhaps we can all double date sometime." A glance to the tickets in her hands, "To a concert maybe? You and Hyde, and me and my boyfriend." Another flicking of her eyes to Hyde, then back to Clair. "I'm sure we could find a band we all dig."

Clair just smiles. It's a low smile, though eventually as Hyde breaks his brooding silence her fingers loosen in his tangles to softly run her fingers through them instead. "First of next month. He and Travis always go, but both have to work this year. He suggested you go. I thought maybe you and Zac could go." It's all absent conversation however as she watches Emma, eventually dropping the territorial guard that has lifted instead to laugh, "I'm not sure Hyde likes anything released in the past lifetime." It's a joke, but it's one placed with an affectionate air before she moves to lift the guitar from his lap and lower herself onto a knee. "But sure. Why not."

It's your typical, everyday Saturday afternoon. The sun is high. The weather is warm and slightly humid. The day is lazy, and the town is quiet. Well…relatively quiet. What began as Hyde deciding he wants to grab some fresh air and play his guitar to pass the time has now escalated to include two females. Hyde doesn't even look like a loser that's sitting on the front porch of his house anymore, seeing as he's flanked by two particularly attractive females. He's clearly just lucky, because it couldn't have been his amazing charm.

Hyde has a frown on his face that hints to his fear of contributing to the conversation, lest he says anything to deepen his proverbial grave. Emmanuelle is eyed slightly when she begins speaking - and though he would normally bitch and complain about how lame double-dates are, he is dimly aware of the fact that she's trying to help him out, so she is merely given a faintly thankful glance. Soon enough, his attention returns to Clair however. He can only blink when she wordlessly removes the acoustic guitar from his hands, replacing it with herself as she settles upon his knee. Blink. "Err - ah, yeah," he begins, trying to catch up and insert himself into the conversation once again awkwardly. Almost equally as awkward is the way his hand sort of sneaks around Clair's waist. "I tend to like dead people. Which sounded a /lot/ less creepy in my head - let me try again. Not many of my bands tour anymore."

Hands in his pockets, dressed in a leather jacket and a red bandanda, hair braided into twin strands replete with feathers and blue beads, Kevin Redfield wanders into view, a spring in his step and a grin on his face, a backpack slung over his shoulder. He ambles along as if without a purpose, his body language suggesting nothing so much as a person out for the proverbial stroll. On the black shirt visible beneath his open jacket, a splochy red backdrop features in the foreground a demonic looking creature that appears to be half canine and half gargoyle, its devilish face open-mouthed in a snarl and bearing the words beneath THERE IS NO DANA … ONLY ZUUL !! Despite this morbid-seeming style of dress, Kevin looks to be in quite the good mood as he walks along the roadway.

Emmanuelle returns Clair's smile, though her own is of course brighter, as Emmanuelle is a brighter girl! Ahem. "That sounds awesome, I'll ahh.. tell my boyfriend." A moistening to her bottom lip at this as she looks to Hyde, a deer in the head lights look for a moment before looking away, and aha! Kevin! "Look, there he is!" A high pitched from from her as she gives a small wave to both Clair and Hyde before she bounds down the steps as she kinda runs, kinda walks towards Kevin. Intercepting him. "Kevin!"

Clair is quite zoned in on Emma, so when she begins to call to Kevin, it causes Clair's gaze to shift toward the Indian with no actual shift in her own features. It's a simple, smooth motion before she leans back, turning to whisper something into Hyde's ear with a faint giggle. She allows him his fail at speech, instead leaving his ear and returning her gaze back toward the other 'couple'.

Speaking of awkward. Hyde is doing that eye-shift thing, the one where it looks as though he cant bring himself to settle on one object because of the restlessness the semi-uncomfortable situation seems to instill in him. When Clair leans closer to him, the boy stills slightly, clearly anticipating something of importance, but her words merely prompt the visible widening of his eyes. All of a sudden, Hyde is hit with a coughing spree, and as he half-dies over there, he simply turns to look at Clair, idly running his tongue over his lips. Whatever he's about to say or do is distracted by Emmanuelle's interception of… "Oh, no." Hyde groans loudly then, looking to the sky to curse God. /Kevin/. Eyes narrowing speculatively, her turns to faux-whisper to Clair. "I swear to god, that kid's fuckin' stalking me. Can your dad dole out restraining orders?"

At hearing his nane called out, Kevin Redfield stops walking. At hearing his name called out from the other end of the street, Kevin Redfield turns this way and that, lifting his chin slightly, shoulders going upward and back as he surveys his surroundings to try to discern from where the voice came. At hearing his name called out by a girl, Kevin Redfield can't help the smile that displays his bright white teeth, as if he's already preparing himself to offer the expected adolescent social greeting - or, at the very least, to make an attempt to do so. At hearing a teenage girl's voice, Kevin is likewise visibly pleased, which probably explains the dead stop and the sudden interest in figuring out to whom the voice belongs. And, at spotting the origin of the voice as belonging to Emmanuelle, Kevin - upon recognizing the girl walking up toward him - simply blinks. He then blinks again a second time, and a third and fourth. Wait, why is this girl so glad to see him? He isn't about to complain, though his expression is that of a teenage boy who's bewildered by the circumstances of the world arond him - so, in other words, it is that of a typical teenage boy. Still, he's here - and there's a girl. And it's Emmanuelle. Hi. Hi, Emanuelle. oh, wait - "Hi!"

Emmanuelle comes to a stop infront of Kevin, her voice soft as she speaks something only for him, and she's smiling bright to the other boy. Suckfor Hyde! Because

Emmanuelle takes Kevin's hand in her own as her fingers lace with his own, the two making contact as she looks at Hyde and Clair.. and points. So with her hand in his and begins to walk back towards Clair and Hyde, "Look who I found!" A smirk from her, then a grin as she tosses Hyde a wink. Yeah, Emmy can be mean. Sometimes.

Words are exchanged between Hyde and Clair. Oh yes they are. But apparently, the couple has been stricken with a sort of summer lethargy, because that's all the really do. Hyde eyes are trained darkly on the younger lycan, and he watches his movements warily with a cold sort of indifference. Almost subconsciously, his grip on Clair tightens, as do his lips as they are pulled back into a tight frown. Damn you, Emmanuelle, for bringing him onto Hyde's property! Damn you! "Well," he begins in a low drawl, inspecting Kevin with an expression that makes it seem like the lad is smelling something particularly repugnant. "On the bright side, if you've got him, you don't need to go dog-hunting any longer. Although a Saint Bernard would /probably/ be more useful to you in the long run."

"Hey!" Kevin says, pulling away for the briefest moment from his gripped hands with Emanuelle, drawing out the 'y' and pointing two fingers 'pistol' style toward Hyde. He then returns to holding the girl's hand again. "Saint Bernard, man," he says, nodding his head enthusiastically. "Just like CUJO!" He laughs, looking toward Emmanuelle. "Did you know CUJO's my main man? He's bad-ass." He seems pleased at the comparison. "Can you imagine being as bad-ass as CUJO, Hyde? You could eat the kid from WHO'S THE BOSS? and stuff." He then takes both of Emmanuelle's hands into his. "How's my girl, huh?" he asks, and reaches up to lift her chin the way boyfriends seem to always do in the movies. "You doin' ok?"

"Kevin isn't a dog, but was he.. it would be a doberman." Stopping infront of Hyde and Clair(? if she's not posed out), the female swings her hand lightly in Kevin's own as her fingers lace. And then he tilts her face up, and the blonde female can't help but give a small blush at this, "I'm alright…. Um. You and me, we're going on a double date with Hyde and Clair, see. To an um… concert."

"…Is that like, a sexual innuendo or something?" Hyde deadpans simply when Emmanuelle argues that Kevin is a doberman. He seems clearly confused. Kevin is eyes for his sudden enthusiasm and clearly fake act, but after letting out a long drawn out sigh and a shake of his head, he doesn't say anything. Soon enough, Clair gets to her feet, patting Hyde on the head and declaring that she's going to be visiting the ladies room before trouncing off.

"Yeah, I'm going in in a sec' too," Hyde calls back to Clair over his shoulder, lifting a hand to run through his hair. But for the moment, he remains sitting as his dark eyes return to the pair before him. "Okay, that's sufficiently awkward as it is. You can drop the act now. I'd rather keep the contents of my stomach - you know - /in/ my stomach." He says dryly. Too Emannuelle, he looks at her with a curious, unreadable expression on his face. "Thanks for that, though."

Kevin looks Hyde up and down, turning to gaze at the other young man over Emmanuelle's shoulder. "Hold on a minute, Em'n'Em," Kevin remarks, moving his hands to put them on Emmanuelle's upper arms. He seems to be working hard at thinking of something for a too-long moment, and then, still holding onto the remaining girl, he scowls toward Hyde. "Don't be callin' my girl a liar, man." Then, he bites his lip. "Hang on," he stage-whispers toward Emmanuelle, and then he lets go of her arms to take one and then another step toward Hyde. "Look, we've had problems in the past - but … hey, man. I guess you're ok, right? We cool?"

"You're welcome Hyde." A soft smile from Emmanuelle to the other man then back to Kevin. A smile to him before she turns around to face Hyde fully, standing next to to Kevin as he speaks to the other teenager. No other words from her for the time being, just letting the two boys 'work it out' as such that comes with guys working out… stuffs.

Hyde squints at Kevin, as if trying to decipher something. Then comes the all-important 'liar' line the boy spouts, and Hyde can't keep it in any longer. The snort that escapes from him is clearly disbelieving, and more than a little mocking. "I think you've caught a defective one, Em'. He seems to think you're actually his girlfriend." Which is clearly an impossibility in Hyde's mind. Dryer than the Sahara, his eyes remain emotionless on the other lycan. "Or /what/?" It's a dangerous sort of challenge, since Kevin thought far ahead enough to threaten Hyde in that comedic sort of way. Idly, he stretches himself out on the stairs to show just how at ease the lad is, just how this is HIS turf. "Whatever. Just don't bug me and we'll be peachy-keen." Too bad nearly everything bugs Hyde.

"_Dude,_" says Kevin, quietly, moving away from Emmanuelle even further to fully face Hyde. "_Everything_ I _do_ bothers you. You're sitting on a _cactus_ 24/7." He flexes his arm muscles in a clearly-practiced movement that makes his leather jacket's sleeves crackle and creak in that particular manner of leather. "Or nothin'," Kevin continues if he's allowed to keep speaking to Hyde in this manner. At any point, should the other young man rise to physically confront he'll stop his tirade, but he's going to at least speak quickly enough to get these words in, even if it's while backing off in the opposite direction: "She's my girlfriend." Clearly, he DOES seem to work under this perception, wrong or right though it might be, when speaking to Hyde at least. "Be cool."

Emmanuelle perks a brow to Kevin at his words of giving her the title of 'girlfriend', probably filing it away later for 'the talk' or maybe not. Hard to tell. But, when Kevin moves into a more aggressive attitude, she's there by his side as she slips his arm through his own. "Please don't fight with Hyde, he's my friend too." A faint smile to Kevin at this, then to Hyde. "Apparently I now have a boyfriend, so you owe me. -Big- for saving your ass with Clair."

Hyde is not remotely worried about Kevin's actions. He's not remotely afraid of the younger boy, but his expression does darken dangerously when the uppity lycan decides to move ahead in his impassioned speech. There is a ghost of a sneer on Hyde's face, but he doesn't actually clock in the effort necessary to make the face at the lad. "Well then, looks like you better steer clear of me, doesn't it." He is merciless with his words, giving Kevin no /hopes/ of reconciliation. "I have even less respect for you now than I had originally. You're nothing but a hypocrite." But - he's not here to start a fight! Instead of continuing on, the boy leans back onto his elbows, allowing his eyes to travel over to Emmanuelle as he broods with consideration for a moment. Beat. "You said ass," he points out, trying to lighten the mood by teasing her about swearing once again.

Kevin bites his lip again, his expression that of a young man who's absolutely spoiling to physically assault Hyde with at least a shove. However, Kevin shuts his eyes like a bully who's trying to bury his anger while the teacher is watching - and in this case, the teacher is Emmanuelle. "Look," he says, opening his eyes. "I'd rather not waste my time _kicking_ your _ass_," he says, definitively using the word 'ass.' "I've got better things to do, so I _suggest_ you get along with me for _your_ sake." He exhales hard through his nose. He's ready if Hyde decides to aggress.

Emmanuelle gives an almost glare to Hyde at his joking, before her hand moves into Kevin's own as her fingers lace. "Come on Kevin, just drop it with Hyde, I don't want to see a pissing contest. You two work it out when I'm not around, eh? I'm not into fighting, and I think you're both dumbbutts." A smirk from her up to Kevin as she steps back and tries to tug him with her. "Come on. Walk me home. I live across the street."

Hyde doesn't even bother hiding his mocking, disbelieving laugh. "Kick my ass, eh? I better get along with you for my own sake, eh? Oh - I'm positively /shaking/ in my boots." True story, Hyde could actually bottle up and sell the excess sarcasm that is dripping from his near monotone. He's not going to be the aggressor, though. He doesn't consider Kevin enough of a threat to feel the need to assert his dominance in a physical manner, and so his body remains loose, untensed and unconcerned. "I'll see you around, Em'. If not later today, then tomorrow." He calls out when Emmanuelle steps in to shepherd Kevin away. Well - it's probably true. They are neighbors, after all. That, and Hyde feels as though this remainder might bother and piss off Kevin, which would in turn make him a happy bastard.

Kevin visibly tightens as Hyde says he'll see Emmanuelle around, of course, because he obviously doesn't seem to know that Hyde and the girl are neighbors, and his body-language clearly shows that he considers this to be a threat on Hyde's part. For all of that, though, Emmanuelle is at his side, and he moves to take her hand into both of his, gripping it tightly, protectively. "Sure," he murmurs. "Yeah - that's cool." He moves to follow along with the girl. "See you around, Hyde," he says, doing everything he can manage - obviously - audibly struggling - to quell the adolescent rage in his voice and be civil.

"Bye Hyde." A smile is tossed over her shoulder to the other man as Emmanuelle pretty much drags Kevin away from the confrontation, swinging her hand lightly in his own. She really doesn't have much to say for the time being, simply leading one of the two teenage boys over towards her place, which happens to be damn near across the street from Hyde's own. Lucky Hyde.

And that's that. Kevin's reaction to Hyde's baiting is observed carefully, and it prompts a darkly satisfied smirk to spread over his face. Heh. Eventually, he pulls himself up to his feet and grabs his guitar as he straightens out, letting out a sigh as he does so. After taking a second to prepare himself for the earful he is undoubtedly going to receive by the hands of Clair, the lad disappears into his own home.

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