Lycan Aspects: Physical and Mental Aspects

Outside of the powers and weaknesses that set the Lycan apart from the other races, there are a few more small differences that are notable. Below you can find these differences, as well as a description of them to better help you in game play. Please remember that these are part of the theme, and are not negotiable.


The Lycan, like the Damphyr, age at a slightly slower pace than mortals. This effect, called Longevity, begins only after the Lycan has fully undergone their Becoming (16-18 years of age for women, 18-20 for men). Thus, after puberty, every 2 years ages the Lycan by 1 physical year.


Lycan are creatures driven by instinct and animalistic natures. There is only so much of this that they can cover up. Despite their desire to live normal lives (most of the time) there are simply some instincts that are so deeply wired into their psyche that it is completely out of their control. Territorialism is one of these aspects, and is especially potent in the males. This can apply to material items, areas (such as homes or parks), as well as to people who the Lycan feels especially protective of. This is often not exactly rational behavior, and in the cases of people being the object of attention, can result in fear, flattery, or simply the impression of being a creepy overbearing bastard. Either way, the Lycan feels a special sense of entitlement to a person, object, or place, and will do everything in his power to make absolutely sure that everyone knows it. This of course does not mean that another Lycan cannot have the very same opinion for the very same thing, at which point the most powerful Lycan will assert his dominance over the other. This usually leads to very bloody fights and an even more brutal sense of hostility between the two.

Gaze of a Beast

No matter what they do, or how far they run from their true inborn natures, the simple fact is clear. Lycan, regardless of their noble intentions, are at their hearts center, killers, hunters, trackers, and animals. Their eyes expose them for what they truly are. In the face of bright lights their eyes shimmer like that of a wild animals, reflecting eerily against the darkness.

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