Lycan Breeds: Purity of Blood

Additional Information
Pure Breed: Purest of the Kith
Half Breed: The Common
Fosters: Accidental and Untrusted

The Breed of a Lycan is something that define them within the social structure around them. Within the Kith all are considered equal by decree, of course just like human-kind, they often fall victim to subconscious power trips and delusions of stats and power based on superficial facts attributed to legacy and ancestral importance. This is not always a good thing. May young Lycan have been driven down the wrong road by pressure from their Kith to excel, or limited belief that they can success, all based on a glance at a bloodline.

Below you will find information pertaining to the three bloodlines of the Lycan race. Please read them all before aping and feel free to page or @mail staff with any questions or concerns.

Pure Breed

Pure-Breed is a truly rare thing in this modern day and age. Very few Lycan have been able to resist the temptations of defiling their bloodlines with carriers or mortals. After all, it is said that love knows no boundaries. Pure blood lines are lines that have only mated with other Lycan of full blood. Only 1 out of 10 Lycan are actually pure Blood.

Despite their rare and respected purity, being Pure Blooded doesn't entitle the Lycan to special treatment among his kind. It is true that most excel into the ranks of elders and often are Alpha of respected packs, but that is believed to simply be a product of a Pure Blood household, as they are often homes and families that stress the importance of dominance and power and do not bend to the whim of human beliefs and lifestyles. Children in these families are taught about their ancestry as soon as they reach the age of becoming, and from that moment on they are often subject to strict expectations. This is not always the case of course, but it is rare that a family does not feel the pressure to withhold the honor of their dying, thinning bloodlines.

  • Pure Breed Lycan are restricted app. Staff must clear you for this -before- you apply.
  • Carriers born to full blood unions are -very- rare and coveted as a gift from the Maiden. These applications are very restricted and very unlikely.

Half Breed

Half Breed Lycan are the most commonly found of the race. They are neither looked down upon nor held in high respect. They are the everyday, common. The normal. It is not disgraceful to be of this bloodline, as they still have the strength of the Maiden pumping through their veins. These Lycan are the result of a bloodline that has embraced the world around them, accepting Lycan, Carrier, and Human alike. Often they are more in touch with their human side, though that does not deter from the ferocity of their beast. Half Breed Lycan are the result of unions between pure bloods and half, human, or carriers.

  • This is the most commonly seen breed of Lycan. It does not need pre-approval.
  • 98 percent of the Lycan populations Carriers are of this bloodline. It is set as default.


Fostered Lycan are those that were at birth completely human, and through the course of circumstance or attack were infected by a Lycan. These Lycan are viewed with a sense of weariness for many years before they are taken full-heartedly into the Kith, as often the Lycan community will watch him or her carefully to scale how trustworthy they are. It is not unheard of for a Foster to disagree with their new found natures and become a threat to the race itself. A Kith will not hesitate to stop (at any means necessary) a Foster who is becoming a danger to the community. This has ended the life of many Foster before they had even began.

Most often Fosters are easily tracked down once the Lycan awakens from his change, and are watched before finally they are confronted and informed of their new world. The Fostering Lycan is considered responsible for this new Foster, and is expected by the community to take responsibility for his or her actions by guiding the new Lycan through his most trying first few moons. This can create great bonds or bitter enemies in the involved Lycan.

Fosters have become more common than they should be, thanks to the modern day Lycan and their reckless behaviors. A foster almost never leads a pack, as they are often to volatile and unpredictable to be trusted with these roles. Fosters, being created Lycan, lack the natural connection with their animal natures that naturally born Lycan do. For this reason they often have trouble dealing with the urges and instincts for the first several years of their Lycan lives.

  • Fosters are the low man on the totem pole, do not expect to be instantly respected as an equal. Staff suggest this role ONLY to those that can maturely accept their place and work forward.
  • Carriers cannot be fostered.
  • There is no fostered breed of Carrier.
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