Lycan Carriers: The Human Side of Nature

Within the Lycan culture there is an enigma that continues to both fascinate and puzzle the Lycan. This enigma is called 'The Carrier'. People born of the race naturally, who neither hold the Lycan abilities nor shift under the bane of the curse, yet remain able to both breed full blood Lycan, carrying on the curse as their brothers do.

These creatures are prized among their kind, as they give the race the ability to move outside their curse. Rare and celebrated, they are valued among the Lycan, and sought fiercely for as mates. It is believed that the Carriers hold the original form of the Maiden Goddess before the curse was placed by the Mother. For this reason, they are very precious and protected.

Of course, that said they do fall to the wayside when it comes to battle. Carriers have no special skills to speak of. No powers. Nothing to set them apart from the common humans except the Lycan blood pumping through their veins. A Carrier -can- pass the curse on to others, though this is a difficult and complicated task. In order for a Carrier to infect another, their blood must directly enter the others body. This, as you can imagine, is not a very common situation to face, but -should- this somehow happen, the infected party will become a Lycan like the rest. The Carrier gene can only be passed down genetically.

There has recently, in the last 50 or so years, been the circulation of rumors from various regions of the world that report carriers awakening with powers. This is even more of an enigma added onto the already puzzling creature that is the Carrier. Of course, this power appears to come with a price. The Carrier must undergo the curse of lunacy in order to access this mystic property of their genetic lineage.


  • Carriers cannot have special powers outside the above setup.
  • Carriers cannot be with crossed with other races to have powers without the curse.
  • Carriers do have one thing on their side. Their kinship with the 'First form' gives them some sway among the Lycan. They are considered beautiful, alluring, and special. Everything from their image to their scent calls to a Lycan. This need not be sexual, but simply 'special'. Lycan might find themselves drawn to protect or befriend a Carrier that under other circumstance they would not.
  • Carriers are very rare, there being only 1 Carrier for every 10 IC Lycan. (This Rule may change to function within the theme, however Lycan Carrier Applications are carefully looked at.)
  • Carriers may not start the game with powers. This must come about through IC circumstances. Players should contact staff to arrange this only after they have been publically active for 3 RL months or longer.
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