Lycan Elders

A group of the most respected members of the lycan community gathered together is the basic concept of the Lycan Elders. One need not be old to be a members, as surviving to their late 30's is a very big deal, a Lycan need only prove himself worthy of this high ranking group.

The Elders runs much like a government. While the other lycan might not fully agree with their decisions or actions, the tradition is unbroken and their word is law. Their responsibilities are few but serious. They are the key minds behind protecting the area from the Crones minions. They also oversee hearings of offense against those lycan that choose to act in a defiant manner, or a manner that might endanger the rest of the culture, such as knowingly bringing Damphyr into the borders of Lycan territory or exposing their nature to humans.

The elders handle other things of importance as well, though their meetings are few. There is no law that says the lycan much like, admire, or abide by the laws, though public shows of disrespect or abandonment of the request of the Elders will receive a swift firm retaliation.

There is also no law that says that elders must be of Pure Blood, though most are. There are very few known instances where fosters have been promoted to elder, though as times change it is unlikely that they will remain the burden that they were once seen to be.

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