Lycan Kiths

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Ire: Cane Bayou Kith

Through the world there are many kith found, each different in its own way, yet all entwined in the race and world of the Lycan. There are many Kith. These communities can be as small and informal as a family, or as rigid as viciously factional political groups or separatist societies.

Some Kith have their own special Rituals to pay respect to the Maiden and call down her blessings. These are rarely taught to outsiders; and are often guarded fiercely by that communities elders.

All Kith have membership requirements, often preferring that the Lycan have been born into the colony rather than join from outside. In the case of outsider Lycan or Fosters being brought into the fold, there is often an initiation rite that is expected to be completely, to prove their value to the Kith as well as their trustworthiness and loyalty.

Either way, once part of a Kith, you are forever part of that communities heart and soul. They act as one, with the Elders standing as the judge before their Maiden. Each member, each new pup is coveted and protected. It is very difficult for a Lycan to find himself exiled from the Kith, though there have been many who have committed just such crimes. To be exiled, is to be renounced by your people completely. There is no greater sin than to betray your own kind.

Rarely a human will be initiated into a Kith. This is nearly unheard of within the world, and is often done for reasons of great importance. There are tails of humans with exceptional peace of heart and mind that have been brought among the folds to tend the young and aid the Lycan in maintaining a seamless existence alongside humankind, as it was the way that the Maiden and Mother had intended it. Of course with the world in the state it is, such humans are a rarity to find.

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