Lycan Powers

Lycan have a number of powers and abilities. The older and more experienced, the greater the range and strength of his or her powers. It is very -very- rare for a Lycan to have a power not found below, but not impossible. If you feel you deserve to be one of these very few please contact Mrs Blue BEFORE aping it. These apps will be rare.

Lifespan - a lycan ages only one year for every two human years. This makes their lives considerably longer than a humans, as well as slows their physical aging process down without making it completely obvious. Some Lycan have been known to live as long as 250 years. Their prolonged lifespan is primarily attributed to cellular regeneration, which occurs during each human-to-wolf transformation. As new cells are constantly recreated for the entire body, the aging process is significantly delayed.

Strength - Stronger Lycan can lift as much as 2 tons - the equivalent of a small car. Upon shifting forms bone structure, density and muscle tissues expand and reform to make them much more durable and strong.

It is speculated that the enhancement of strength and reaction time may be due to a metamorphosis in muscle fiber composition. This would explain the correlation between age and increased strength in lycanthropes - even when in human form. As a lycanthrope grows older, the cumulative total of transformations made within a lifetime also increases. In turn, residual 'lycan muscle tissue' may remain after reversion to human form, building up overtime to increase human form strength.

Agility - From a standing position, a lycanthrope can jump as high as 15 feet. Sprinting at top speed, some lycan can run as fast as 32mph. In comparison, the fastest recorded human running speed is 26.3mph.

Endurance/Healing - Lycan possess an extremely high threshold of pain and recover from most wounds twice (2x) as fast as humans. While a broken bone can take months to heal for a normal human, it is only roughly a matter of a week or so for a lycan to completely mend. A Lycan's distinct muscle composition is not only vastly stronger than human muscle tissue, it also utilizes oxygen and breaks down lactic acid more efficiently. This, combined with larger lung capacity, gives an enormous boost to a lycan 's stamina and endurance, and practically nullifies muscle soreness after vigorous activity.

Immune System - Bacteria, disease, viruses, infections of the human variety are not threats to Lycan. There are illness out there however that can effect a Lycan, such as rabies and other Lycan specific illnesses that have developed over their lifetimes. Lycan are not immune to the effects of alcohol or drugs.

Vision - Associated with their nocturnal hunting nature, lycan have extremely acute long distance sight, and can see in near complete darkness. Much like canines, a lycanthrope in wolf form cannot view the full color spectrum - only shades of black, white and brown.

Hearing - Like a natural wolf or dog, a lycan's ear shape allows it to zero-in on remote sounds. Lycan can pick up distant conversations and hear pitches beyond a normal human's audible spectrum. (This includes dog whistles, mechanical noises, and feedback from electronic devices.)

Smell - The olfactory sense is the most important attribute a lycan possesses. It is estimated that lycan can smell up to 10,000 times better than a human, and are able to consciously pick out dozens of different scents at once.

Please see the 'Lycan Power App' for information on aping a special power.

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