Lycan Shifting

Shape-shifting, the ability to turn into a wolf or a human at will, is the trait that truly defines a werewolf. The Lycan are capable from shifting from human shape into wolf shape, or into what they call the feral form , a mixture of both wolf and human traits. To do so, the character need only make the decision to change. The change is immediate.

Although one would think a Lycans clothing would be shredded by changing form, for whatever reason (chalk it up to magic if you may) clothing and items kept flush to the skin (such as rings and watches) simply become part of the lycan when he shifts out of human form. There three forms a Lycan can achieve. They are as follows:


This is the natural form of most all Lycan. In human form, a Lycan is indistinguishable from an ordinary human. In human-form the Lycan can do anything a human can do. There are no real advantages to this form for a lycan besides being able to more easily integrate into society without striking fear into the hearts of humans, or bringing down attack on their kind.


Lycans carry the blood of the wild in their veins, acutely aware that there is an inner beast nestled inside them waiting to get out. By harnessing the bestial savagery of their lycanthropic nature, Lycan's experience a physical change. This form is a cross between the other two, though it falls short in comparison to legends. Their skin thickens and their bodies strengthen in this form, while their features take on a variation of feral elements. Their eyes will change, their fangs elongate, their senses sharpen beyond even animal capability. It is in this form that the Lycan is at his most powerful.

This form, luckily, is a form that is not completely giving away of the Lycans nature, as for the most, mind the small changes, they appear human just with a very powerful bonus.


This form is one that is of little use, but is despite their purity, the most comforting and natural of the 3 forms. Being in wolf form is to be in complete alignment with ones nature. The wolves are not superior to other wolves, despite being a bit bigger than normal, they do not hold any outward features that make them more human or more intelligent. In this form the nature of the wolf is most powerful and the dominate psyche, however, the lycan retains his ability to think and act enough to recognizes faces and voices, as well as places and things. Communication is not possible in this form as the lycan cannot speak or write.

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