Lycan Society

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Lycan Kiths: The Community
Lycan Packs: Like Minds
Lycan Elders: The Voices

For the most part, Lycan accept the fact that their race is no longer the strong, proud bloodline that it once was and was designed to be. They live in the knowledge that the war is not yet over, and there is still time to regain their honor before the Maiden passes her final judgment over them all. Of course, for that to happen they need to all be on the same page. A race is only as good as the intentions of its people, and before they can truly pay penitence for their sins, they must first rid themselves of the vial thirst for destruction and domination that seems to be sewn throughout their very animals natures. Being a beast is the very trial they must overcome, unfortunately that is a test that each individual Lycan must pass for himself.

Within the societies of the Lycan world, there are many Kiths and Packs. Scattered to the winds over the lifetimes, these communities have found themselves a world to call their own, hidden below the radar of humankind, settling alongside the hated Damphyr as the war secretly continues to rage within their blood.

The world of the Lycan is one of politics, rituals, and struggle. Below you will find a short outline of the most important social and political aspects of the Lycan world.

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