Lycans: Created of the Maiden

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In the beginning, when the Maiden first created nature, she created the shifter. A form constructed of pure nature. A being half in her likeness, and half in the likeness of that which she loved. They lived in their creation, one with the world around them. A symbolic life. Nurturing of the earth around them, and nurtured by that same earth.

And then came the dark ones. The first man, made in the image of the Crone and touched with her desire to destroy. These men came and touched the wilds of the maiden, and in doing so they choice to destroy that which they did not understand. The burned the lands and polluted the streams with waste, until the shifters began to die. Unable to bare to see this the shifters took up arms against man. He war was fought and both sides saw great loss, until finally the Mother awoke from her sleep, and in seeing what the shifters and dark ones had done, and she was stricken with pain and anger. She cast up her hands and the world divided into three. The world of day, the shifters. The dark, the dark ones, and there came to be twilight. And to fill this world the Mother created her own likeness. Innocent and unknown of war, she created humans to fill the void between.

As punishment for the destruction they had brought he shifters were cursed. They were cursed to suffer the lives of both man and animal, locked to be animal in the face of the Crone, and man in the face of the Maiden. They would forever suffer in two forms, to feel in their human form the urges of the animal, and to mourn the loss of their humanity as animal. And as payment for their defiance against nature..for taking the life of others, they were cursed to spread their blood in illness. Never more would their blood be pure, but tainted by hate, to spread to foe and friend.

The Shifters wept for their wrongdoings, but war was among the earth now, and in a show of love, the Maiden charged them a second task. "As you have encouraged it, so shall you end it" she said, "Live and protect your world against the dark ones and the children of the Crone. Choose war carefully, and friend even more careful. Live in silence and move in stealth. Protect the innocent faces of the Mother, and you shall be honorable again."

And so life has been for the Shifter since. A world of pollution and hate has breed into their blood since then. A bloodline weakened by the human. They lay in secret in the world, watching and protecting the unseeing human from the dangers of the Crone, continuing to rage a war with the darkness. The Dark ones have not all gone, but remain often vigilant but apart from their kind. Still, even in the face of stillness there is no trust between the two. To make matters worse the call of the wild is a strong one, and so many younger shifters continue to fight against their darker urges. It would see that the Shifter is not so far from the fingers of the Crone after all.

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