Mortals: Created of the Mother

Mortality is what makes the world go round. Everyone can't be a creature of the moon or a cursed race driven by bloodlust, somewhere there must be the one thing that keeps the balance of things in check, humans. Playing a human need not be dull though. The wonderful thing about this sphere, is you have the ability to build a story from nothing. To leave behind innocents as you uncover a darker world of supernatural amazement and danger. So see, there's nothing dull about being normal, it's all one big adventure.

The average human doesn't know what lurks just beyond the shadows. Maybe they fear the feeling of eyes watching them from the dark corner of their bedroom. They may fear looking over their shoulder as the walk home by the light of the full moon, and often, they may fear what's just outside the door when the lights go out, but truly, though their heart will pound, and their hands may shake, they never -truly- expect to find anything waiting on the other side. At least, not right off.

Approval on humans with supernatural knowledge is very rare. Staff discourage this, but are not closed to the idea of this concept if the player can provide them with the necessary aspects, which are a good solid BG and concept, quality pose capability (7 lines or more of QUALITY pose), and frequent connection and activity. As stated above, this is a rarely approved concept, so please see staff beforehand.

Also note that simply having a member of the family that is supernatural -does not- mean that the character knows about it. Please avoid this overdone concept if at all possible.
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