Winston Bishop
ACTOR as Winston Bishop
Fullname Winston Bishop
Species Lycan
Breed Pure-Blood
Kith Ire
Age 75
Height 6'0"
Hair Grey
Occupation Retired Forester
Head Elder - Ire


Winston Bishop is a large man even in his age. He is also noticeably clean-cut for someone that prefers a life so isolated from the town. Bishop stands at around 6'0, with a wide-shouldered width. He is not an overly strong looking man, merely born to large stock and kept in reasonable health. His hair has grayed over the years, and considering his age that shouldn't come as a surprise. He doesn't look his age as much as he should, but a short gray beard and helps hide that. He gets around well also, and still enjoys taking the youth of the Kith on camping trips and teaching them about the forest and its animals.

Claim to Fame



In his heyday Winston worked for the Louisiana Forestry Department. He worked from the age of 23 until he retired at the comfortable age of 68. Winston continues to keep in touch with his old coworkers as well as continues to visit Black Cypress and the outlying forests around it. He also makes the occasional trip to the outside rim of the Bayou where he watches for Damphyr activity.


Winston Bishop, the eldest Lycan of the Kith (and community) is the acting head Elder and has been for many years. He prefers the solitude of living outside of town, though he can be seen venturing in on occasion to visit with his daughters and grandchildren. Bishop is a fierce leader when it comes down to it, but enjoys the comforts of Kith functions. He is also known to spend hours at these functions retelling stories to the younger generations of fights with Damphyr and of other Kiths encountered in his lifetime. Bishops say is the final say, and he is strongly against lycan using their Kith connections to feel they will not be held accountable for their actions, regardless of bloodline. Winston is also a diehard anti-Damphyr Lycan. He loathes the race, and it is well known that it if it had been left up to him, the race as a whole would have been wiped out completely the second their boats touched the sands of the bayou. Despite his personal feelings he respects and honors the pact made by the elders before him.


Name Relation Notes
Fleur Cassiday-Bishop Wife Deceased
Dawn Bishop Eldest Daughter NPC
Gabriella Bishop Youngest Daughter NPC
Larken Bishop Granddaughter NPC - Open App
Alexi Bishop Granddaughter NPC - Open App

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