Curt Blake
ACTOR as Curt Blake
Fullname Curt Richard Blake
Species Lycan
Breed Pure-Breed
Kith Ire
Age 45
Height 6'2"
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Occupation Detective
Second Elder - Ire

Claim to Fame


Curt is a strong man with an intimidating build and a personal space that reaches well beyond the normal arms reach of most. He has dark hair and tanned skin with a trademark smile that, despite his demeanor, is said to have gotten him out of more than a few predicaments in his youth. His blue eyes are also a well known trait, one that he is proud to have passed on to his son. He stands at 6'2, taller than is average but hardly a fortress of a man, with a broad build that displays the capability of power should it need to be enforced. Despite this Curt is quiet and self asserting only when need be.



Curt holds within the local law enforcement unit of Cane Bayou as the town's only detective, which is often the joke behind his reminders that he is 'lead detective'. This of course is always said with a grin. Curt also owns a small construction company in town that does fairly well.


Curt is not only a great man in the eyes of the local community, but a member of a well established family and an elder in the Ire Kith. Curt was born of both pure blood parents, only to marry a human. This does not mean he was willing to sacrifice all the pride for a human, however. When it came time to have a child Curt, rather than mate with his wife Elizabeth, choose a local Lycan by the name of Gabriella Bishop, youngest daughter to Winston Bishop. They had together a child who was taken to live under the care of Elizabeth after he was born. Curt expects perfection when it comes to the rising Lycan of the community. He is known for pushing the young Lycan very hard when it comes to embracing their natural abilities. He is also known to be unforgiving to Lycan that defy Kith law and safety. This is viewed as unspokenly hypocritical, due to his scandalous union with Elizabeth Blake, his human wife.


Name Relation Notes
Elizabeth Collins-Blake Wife NPC
Taylor Jackson Blake Son PC

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