Dutch Friday
ACTOR as Dutch Friday
Fullname Dutch Friday
Species Lycan
Breed Half-Breed
Kith Ire
Age 39
Height 6'3"
Hair Shaved
Occupation Trucker

Claim to Fame


Dutch is not the most welcoming man in the community, but he isn't the beast people automatically assume either. Dutch looks every ounce the trucker he is. Large, around 6'3 and impressively broad and with a barrel of a chest, Dutch has lived through more than his fair share of bar fights and domestic disputes. His head his shaved, his body tattooed, and reputation is not in the least bit impressive.

Dutch has served time on two different occasions for two completely different crimes. One of which involved a hospitalized undercover police officer. Easily said, Dutch hasn't been a freeman for very long. He's only just now topping his 8 month mark. He's also trying very hard this time to settle down and raise his daughter the best he can, which involves driving across country often and leaving her in the care of the widow in the trailer next door while he's away.

As far as his Lycan contributions go Dutch was never very involved in the political standpoints, nor did he care to have a vote. What he was interested in of course was the aggressive behavior and the fun he found in stalking Ire property as a teen and 'enforcing' it against Damphyr that might wander to close. After high school Dutch left Cane Bayou and moved to Kansas where he met and married a young diner waitress by the name of Laurel Abberly. One year later the couple welcomed their daughter Sasha into the world. Four months later Dutch was picked up for a bench warrant for failure to appear in court for a crime he honestly couldn't remember, but wasn't exactly convinced he didn't commit. This would continue on for several years during which Laurel eventually cracked under the pressure of being a single mother, dumped the child with a family member in Kansas City, and left. Dutch was very quick, upon being released, to retrieve his daughter and move her back to the safest place he could think of. Cane Bayou.



Name Relation Notes
Sasha Friday Daughter PC

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