Elizabeth Collins-Blake
ACTOR as Elizabeth Collins-Blake
Fullname Elizabeth Collins-Blake
Species Mortal
Age 32
Occupation Homemaker

Claim to Fame


Elizabeth is one of the rare humans brought into the Kith without fostering. At the time this decision came before the Kith, Curt had not yet made Elder, being rather young. Elizabeth and Curt has been a long time disappointment to both the Kith and his parents, who had hoped that the rather well respected and promising Lycan would take a bride from the Kith rather than the community. It had, for no reason in particular, always been assumed that Curt Blake and Gabriella Bishop would marry. This was the hope at least. Elizabeth messed all that up. It became even more problematic when Elizabeth was attacked and bitten by a lycan. While it was never proven who was responsible for the attack, Elizabeth beat odds by fighting off the curse and remaining human. This was a trying time for both the girl and the Kith, who was well aware someone within the fold had committed a very serious crime. Regardless, having proven herself fit enough to fight off such a curse, Elizabeth and Curt were permitted to marry and Elizabeth permitted to remain human. She was charged with aiding lycan mothers in the care of new infants, as well as providing help in any place she could. Elizabeth has embraced this job during her years, and has had a hand in helping to care for almost every lycan pup in the Kith.


Elizabeth has gained a deal of respect in the eyes of most of the lycan community for her tender personality and caring ways. She was also the source of silent looks of sympathy when Curt chose to mate with Gabriella Bishop to conceive, rather than his wife. Elizabeth however stood silently by and took the child in without so much as the bat of an eye. Winston Bishop, despite being the father of Gabriella, looks fondly upon Elizabeth and considers her very important to the Kith. He remains to offer her the option to be fostered, and she continues to respectfully refuse this offer. Elizabeth thinks it is very important that young Lycan remember their human halves.


Name Relation Notes
Curt Richard Blake Husband/Elder NPC
Taylor Jackson Blake Son PC

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