Brooke Harris
Jessica Stroup as Brooke Harris
Fullname Brooke Samantha Harris
Nicknames B; B. Harris; Brookie; Brookers; BS Harris
Birthday March 21
Species Lycan Carrier
Age 17
Height 5'5"
Weight 127
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark brown
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

Brooke splashed her way into Cane Bayou Central's gossip stream in her freshman year, when she made the Varsity Cheerleading squad with her first audition. Since then, she's been a regular name within the hallways. Word is, she is a shoo in for Cheer Captain next year, and that she's quite friendly. 'Friendly' in both ways.



Brooke Harris is a simple girl, really. Bubbly, generally kind-hearted and optimistic, it's not difficult to find out where her popularity comes from. She's a very playful person, who finds it difficult to take anything but the next cheering competition seriously. However, some consider her simple nature as a negative, and write her off as shallow, superficial and airheaded. She is very much your typical high school girl; egocentric with very limited forethought and completely obsessed with pop culture, boys, and insecurities.


Name Relation Notes
Taylor Friend / Current Toy Taylor has had the misfortune of capturing Brooke's interest. B happens to be one of the primary headache inducers for this sweet, if a bit anti-social boy, and she revels in that position. She absolutely enjoys torturing him, teasing him, and being downright cruel and unusual in her interactions with the boy - but it's always done with a sort of fond side-long glance on her part.
Claudia Friend Claudia is a sweetie! Though the two don't often hang out and such, due to marked differences in their interests, free time, and morality, Brooke has absolutely no problem with Claudia and thinks she is a right gem.
Ivy Friend / Kindred Spirit The new girl and Brooke get on famously well, which does not bode well at all for Taylor and the other boys of Cane Bayou. Ivy prompts the 'bad' side of Brooke to come out, and absolutely encourages Brooke to be as shocking and contraversial as possible. The both of them together enable each other - which is probably HORRIBLE considering how self-destructive their behavior can be - but at the very least, the pair are going to have fun doing whatever they do.
Bannon New Guy In Town Brooke doesn't know much about him, other than the fact that he's from LA, drives a motorcycle, and sucks when it comes to maps. She's going to watch him carefully to see if he's anything special. For now, he gets the benefit of the doubt, since being new gives him instant cool points. It doesn't hurt that he's kind of cute too.
Kevin Token Native American / Utter Jackass He's a pompous, arrogant, UGLY jackass. And a complete and total virgin, because the only way he'd ever get laid is to drug up a blind chick. Needless to say, Brooke does NOT like Kevin.
Evan He Who Is On Fire Evan singed his happy trail. 'Nough said. He's your typical boy, dictated by typical boy logic, and Brooke doesn't really see him much.
Dawn Lycan Wildness Brooke has never really so much as talked to this girl, seeing as she's relatively new to the area and Brooke can't remember her from before, but she seems okay.
Lincoln Football Stud Brooke and Lincoln go way back. She cheers for him, he makes the magic happen on the football field. She's mildly intrigued by him, since she doesn't really know of what he does off the field, but for now contents herself with the occasional jest and inappropriate comment thrown his way to try and get him to blush. It usually works in her favor.


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