Clair Goodwin
Sarah Ruba as Clair Renee Goodwin
Fullname Clair Renee Goodwin
Birthday September 27
Species Mortal
Age 17
Height 5' 5"
Eyes Grey
Hair Brown
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

There's nothing epic about Clair. No real tragedy that rocked the town on its heels. Her mom left them when she was 4, that's really about it, but Sheriff Goodwin does a pretty good job with his family. Clair is better for it too. Close to her dad (as close as a teen can be of course), nice to most. She's not popular really, but she's not unpopular either. A cool neutral, just like she likes it. She's also kinda cocky, if you ask most, but it's all for the sake of humor. When it comes down to it, Clair's just your normal little girl next door.



Clair Goodwin? Isn't that Sheriff Goodwin's daughter? She's pretty nice. Makes good grades at school I think. Plays a few sports. Volleyball and softball, pretty good at those too. See her around town a good bit. You'll find her most places. School events, dances, parties. Pretty decent girl all round I guess.


Name Relation Notes
Caroline Goodwin Mother Deceased
Ted Goodwin Father
Travis Goodwin Brother
Taylor Blake Taylor Blake? What can be said about this quiet, polite but otherwise brooding teenager? Clair has known him most of her life, and it’s safe to say she’s no closer to figuring what makes him tick than she was that one time when she stabbed him with a pencil in first grade for pulling her hair. She considers him a friend, but she’s also suspicious of his strange behavior.
Rioux Toussaint Trouble maker and most hated local if you ask Taylor. Despite her friends dislike of the Rift member, Clair finds him charming if not a little threatening sometimes. She’s mysterious and rebellious. Of course she likes him.
Claudia Ardoin Claudia is a local girl that seems to fall within everyone’s good graces. A friend of the most welcomed sorts, even if she is a little bit to goody-goody sometimes. Her family owns a local business where Claudia works, but somehow the girl manages to find time for Clair when it’s necessary.
Hyde Blakeley Weird’o emo mechanic. Of course he’s super cute as well. Clair spends a large portion of her time watching him fix the dents and burses she inflicts on her truck thanks to her less than impressive driving skills. When Hyde isn’t fixing something, he’s usually found brooding in a corner somewhere. He and Clair have a very entertaining love/hate relationship.
Dawn Debois She was a local until middle school when she left to live with relatives in Scotland. Now back, Dawns making sure everyone knows it. She seems to be friends with Taylor and Hyde, which means Clair is more than aware of her presence (even if she can’t remember the girl to save her life). So far Clair hasn’t formed much of an opinion either way, but time will surly tell. Friend or foe? Tune in next time to find out.

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