Claudia Ardoin
Elisha Cuthbert as Claudia Ardoin
Fullname Claudia Ardoin
Birthday September 24
Species Mortal
Age 16
Height 5' 4"
Weight 136 lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student/Waitress

Claim to Fame

Claudia Ardoin? I have no idea how her and Miranda are still friends. I mean sure they were in grade school, but Miranda… total whore now. C's a decent girl though. Cute. Doesn't her dad own the Black Cypress Cafe? Yeah, she works there too. In the drama club, she's actually reasonably good on stage even. Like you'd ever see her engaging in drugs, sex or alcohol. Parties, sure. But 'bad stuff'… way too much of a goodie-two-shoes. I don't know… I heard she's shootin' up on something. I mean no one can be that happy all the time.


My name? Claudia Ardoin. My family has been around in Cane Bayou for well for a long time. My daddy owns the Black Cypress Cafe, it's a pretty nice place. I waitress there. Hey, it's better than being a busboy. Ha, sorry Leo. Oh, right. Leo's my brother. He's two years older.

So anyway I was born on September 24, 1990. Like I already said, my family's pretty well off. I haven't ever really had need or want for much of anything. Cane Creek's a pretty nice place too. Not too big, not too small and of course it doesn't hurt that it's on the river.

Have you ever gotten that feeling that something was going on, but you couldn't quite place it? It happens a lot here. Well to me anyway, especially around the Avery boys. Well they are Avery's that family's not at all what you would call normal. It's like all girls other than the twins who are my age, and they all live together. So maybe that's all it is. *shrug* Just weird things happen sometimes. But that happens everywhere, doesn't it?

I'm in the drama club. Mostly I've had smaller rolls, but maybe this year I can get a lead. Hey, I can dream. I love taking pictures and writing, though most of it ends up being about home and things going on here, but that's what I know. I write for the school paper.

Of course, I haven't really figured out all there is to know in this town yet. I don't know anything about the supernatural that's flooding the place I call home.


Claudia has a very sunny outlook on life, even if she is a bit of a clutz. The young woman is rarely found without a smile, though with dreams of the big screen that's hardly a bad thing. She's a very down home, girl next door type. She is an energetic creature, soft and quiet for the most part, but not without her own little edge of unmistakable spunk. She'll say what she means, and mean what she says, and while the rest of her peers might look down on her public admittance of religious acceptance, she carries herself proudly. Not one to party very hard, she doesn't seem to mind being the one holding a camera to enjoy the spectacle her peers can make.


Image Name Relation Notes
lindsay.jpg Lindsay (Desbordes) Ardoin Mother
nopic.jpg Roman Ardoin Father
nopic.jpg Leo Ardoin Brother

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