Dawn Debois
Anna Lutoskin as Dawn Mercy Debois
Fullname Dawn Mercy Debois
Birthday October 31st
Species Lycan (Pure-Breed)
Age 17
Height 5'9"
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes Silverly-Blue
Hair Coppery Red
Occupation Student / Photographer

Claim to Fame

Dawn Mercy Debois, the name says it all. Heir to the Debois fortune and Eldest of six children and the only girl makes one stand out. Newspaper reports, social pages, gossip magazines have mentioned the family for years. Debois is one of the wealthiest and oldest families of Cane Bayou, and is known world wide. Thomas Mattrew Debois married Mercy Cameria McCorri and combined two wealths; Oil and Mining. It might be mentioned Dawn is known for her writing and photography, not just for being her parents daughter, and has returned to Cane Bayou to finish out her High School years.



Dawn Mercy Debois, the name says it all. Born the heir to her Mother's side of an Oil and Mining fortune, she's been treated like the rare jewel she is. This has caused a multi-faceted personality in the young teenager. For almost 10 years she was an only child and Daddy's little girl, making her spoiled and sweet and very much a Tomboy. But as more children came into the family, her wilderness was put under controls and she became the leader of the pack, another mother to her siblings. A very strange mix, a warrior and mother in one; creative, trusting, loving and over all a good girl.

But her other side comes out at times. Being pushed from an only child to having a large group of siblings can make anyone a rebel, and over the years that has come out in Dawn, she knows her duty and her place, and knows what she needs to do, but sometimes she let's her wildness out and simply enjoys the power of what she is.


Name Relation Notes
Thomas Mattrew Debois Father Alpha Pure-Breed Lycan
Mercy Cameria McCorri-Debois Mother Pure-Breed Lycan
Josha <Twilight> Debois Brother 9-Triplet
Markus <Midnight> Debois Brother 9-Triplet
Lawrence <Dusk> Debois Brother 9-Triplet
Dustin <DarkStar> Debois Brother 2-Twin
Justin <LightStar> Debois Brother 2-Twin

Current Friends and Not So Friends

Hyde Blakeley : Friend(?): If not friend, atleast someone that Dawn knows since her return. It's clear to anyone in passing if their hear the conversions that something is going on with Hyde and Dawn's baby; a 69 mustang. Of course most everyone sees Dawn in a 2007 Jag, so it must be slow going with the car. That aside the pair seem to get along well enough, or as much as the emo Hyde gets along with anyone. Dawn personality just hasn't been figured out yet.

Taylor Blake: Old Friend(?): Again, it's hard to say if the pair are still friends, but before Dawn moved to Scotland, she and Taylor were playmates; their families pushing them together. She'd yet to see Taylor on her return, but as they are both to be Seniors at the same school, that will probably change very soon.


1: Designer Prom Dress 2: School Days 3: Relaxing: Scottish Highlands 4: Waking Up 5: Innocence of Youth

6: Bored: Party Night 7: One of Those Days 8: Summer Dreaming 9: Scottish Forest 10: Feral Eyes

Rumors Around Town

  • Debois Family: One of the first families of Cane Bayou, and known not only to be one of the wealthiest of the city, but maybe of the country. Money from Oil was the start of the families fortunes as well as good marriages with others known for wealth. The latest head of household this generation married another wealthy heir from Scotland and has had six children. Their eldest, Dawn Mercy Debois, grew up in Cane Bayou till the age of 12 and has now returned.

Lycan Facts and Fiction

  • Debios Family: One of the first families of Cane Bayou and a Pure Blooded Lycan bloodline. The Debois has always been known to strengthen it's bloodline by marrying in other Pure or full-blooded Lycan. The latest match was with the McCorri of Scotland. The match gave one daughter, Dawn Mercy Debois who had her Becoming at the age of 13. There are five boys who have yet to reach the date of becoming.

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