Emmanuelle Darrieux
Hayden Panettiere as Emmanuelle Darrieux
Fullname Emmanuelle Chloe Darrieux
Birthday October 13
Species Blessed
Gift Mindhands
Age 16
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 115 lbs
Eyes Light Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

Emmanuelle comes from Baton Rogue, and was co captain of the cheerleading squad for River Heights High School. While she's not exceptionally popular, it's her determination and need for perfection that helped her coach the cheerleading team to several state cheerleading competition finals. Now that she has moved to Cane Creek, however, Emmanuelle is wondering if maybe she should move onto something else, try something new with the remaining couple of years of high school.


Emmanuelle Chloe Darrieux was born to Vincent and Isabelle Darrieux in Baton Rogue, Louisianna. Her parents have lived there all their lives, but both their parents came from France, passing the heritage on down through the ages, making Emmanuelle the last of their line in the United States. Her Father worked at the hospital in the childrens ward in Baton Rogue up until they moved to Cane Creek, where he took another hospital job in the neighboring city. Her mother stays at home and tends to the house, happy to be a housewife, and utterly content it life. Emmanuelle has a loving family, both her mother and father are happily married, and life is normal for this teenager at least a normal as one can get being Blessed.

The Blessed line has passed through generation to generation, but always with the females, never the males. Emmanuelle's mother has the power of Mindsight, while Emmanuelle herself as the power of Mindhands. Even though they are both 'special' mortals, they always kept their secret safe, away from others. They kept it perhaps a little too secret, as they never met any other Blessed people outside of their own family. They are not even aware of any other Supernatural beings wandering around.

With a normal childhood (outside of the Blessed stuff), there is not much else to say about her. She was not an overly very popular girl, but she does have a few good friends, and she's always accepting new people into her circle of friends. Emmy is a very- accepting child, and her getting along with pretty much anyone made her one of the most favorite girls in school, though not popular as she would even befriend unpopular people. As far as her grades go, she received high marks and did very well, getting a 3.85 GPA in her studies. Along with this, Emmanuelle was the co captain of the cheerleading squad in Baton Rogue, and plans to once more be on the team here in Cane Creek, forcing her way in if need be.

Other than school, Emmanuelle pretty much keeps to herself, only really sharing with her friends and parents about her life, and her parents -only- when it came to discussing her powers. Not being too sociable in the world other than with her cheerleading, this teenager would rather stay at home and read or watch a good movie, than attend a dance. But as she was a cheerleader, certain social events were expected from her to attend, so she does go sometimes, even allowing herself to dance with a boy who asks her and the boys do ask her for while she's not exceedingly popular, she in a cheerleaders and the cheerleaders -always- get asked to dance. As of date, she has not yet dated a boy from her school nor really plans too for the time being.

As far as any hobby or talents go, Emmanuelle knows how to play the piano, as she has had lessons since she was five years old. Along with this, the Blessed girl knows how to sketch and draw, especially talented at people. For leisure time, when she's not reading or watching movies, Emmanuelle likes to go craw fishing, as well as croc watching. While she's not an avid lover of nature, she does enjoy the water, and the swampy areas seem to call to her soul.

Now that Emmanuelle is sixteen, she's going to be looking for a job. What she wants to do? She does not know maybe she'll help some people, or maybe not.


Emmanuelle's personality is pretty stable and normal for that of any teenager. She's still naive to the world, but outside of that she is generally smart, and makes good grades in school. The only personality disorder she -may- have is that she sometimes suffers from hard mood swings; being happy go lucky in one instant, and then upset in the other. She's borderline bi-polar, but it hasn't become a serious issue in her functioning.

While Emmanuelle hates conflict, she will do what she has to do when faced with it. While she doesn't run -away- from it, she would rather deal with it on her own so that she can ponder, and plot as necessary for the best way to deal with it. She hates face to face confrontations, and tries to avoid them at all costs.

She is also very driven, and very motivated. Emmanuelle has a rigid determination that always shows, and accepts very little less than sheer perfection in anything she does.

A kind teenager, this girl will go out of her way to make others feel accepted. Even though she's on the cheerleading squad she never saw that as a popularity symbol, and from that only kept a small circle of friends in high school but she -always- accepted the outsiders in, the new kids the unwanted. Emmanuelle never discriminated. Never.

One could guess that this sense of acceptance comes from the fact that she and her entire family are 'Blessed', and therefore this young female has learned that being different yourself means that you should always give tolerance to those that are difference from you. Judge not, lest you be judged.


Name Relation Species Notes
Rioux Friend Damphyr She met this man for the first time when he was picking on a kid smaller than him… but that did not stop Rioux from getting invited to stop by and see her sometime by Emmanuelle. She seems to like him decently enough, and always accepts him in her company. Lately she's been letting him talk her into the more 'wild' side of life. Sneaking out at night, making forays into the darkness… it's just innocent fun, right?
Hyde Neutral Lycan She suckered him into watching a movie with her after tripping him purposefully in the middle of the movie theater lobby. People laughed at him, she smirked. He seems like a decent enough guy, but a lil' rough aroud the edges. They hang out every so often.
Lincoln Neutral Lycan Met him when she was on a stroll… seemed like a nice enough guy. He gave her a poncho, she gave him a rock. She seems to like him enough to date him possibly… but they can't seem to ever leave each others presence on good terms. He wants her to be more 'loose', she refused.
Kevin Dating Lycan Emmy liked him as a friend at first, and they have even shared a shake together… they seemed to have hit it off pretty well… of all the men that would catch Emmanuelle's eye, it seems her and Kevin are attempting dating? Many can't believe this to be true… but, they seem to compliment each other.
Taylor Neutral Lycan Having only met him once on the beach… he seems like a nice man, if not a little book wormish. Could possibly be someone to sit next to at lunch on the first day back.
Evan Friend Lycan A gaming freak like she, they met in an arcade and shared a pizza together. On her, of course.
Ivy Neutral Blessed Emmanuelle only met her once on the beach with Taylor… and she seems nice enough, if not maybe a little too much of a 'bad girl' for her taste.

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