Evan McDaniels
Taylor Lautner as Evan McDaniels
Fullname Evan Christian McDaniels
Birthday February 16
Species Lycan
Age 16
Height 5' 10"
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Occupation Student/Cautionary tale in the making

Claim to Fame

Evan's the guy who's either too crazy or too stupid to be afraid of anything. He says 'yes' to everything, and often winds up having pulled a crazy stunt simply by doing what he'd be inclined to do anyway without regard to where he's doing it. Voted Most Likely To Wind Up In Prison, although he's thinking of enlisting in the Marine Corps after getting his G.E.D. He's still in school, but doesn't hold out much hope of actually graduating.


Evan's mom has a bumper sticker that says her child is an honor student. One of them is. The others don't get talked about so much. As the middle child, Evan seems to have snuck out of the womb without anyone paying him too much mind. After the 'troubled' beginning of his scholastic career his dad declared that they're keeping him around for spare parts. Somehow, the awakening of his Lycan blood has yet to earn him much in the way of slack. If anything, he takes even more crap because evidently he's supposed to 'know better'.

He's got an older sister who wins at everything, an older brother who's almost done with college, and a pair of younger brothers who are either medical miracles, immaculate conceptions, or the reason why his mom and dad don't get along as well as they used to since Dad got his vasectomy. Evan's hoping his mom gets pregnant again so he'll get a new bicycle. He is also hoping her Lycan blood doesn't turn out to be strong in his younger brothers and he gets to be the only one in the famiy who can actually change. All his siblings are Carriers like his dad, and are thus spoiled completely rotten by both his parents. On the plus side, he spends a lot less time grounded the bigger the family gets. His brain-to-mouth filter is completely inoperative and he's got the poor timing to be more insightful than anyone gives him credit for at the least opportune moments. With more voices competing for attention, he's easier to ignore. Keeping him out of the house makes everyone happier.

His history isn't anything terribly exciting. He was born when there were more important things going on and raised as if by disinterested robots. His elder siblings were total attention whores with the unfortunate knack for being worth fussing over. It's not that the family lacks love for each other, or that he's particularly deprived, but he grew quickly and learned self-sufficience early in life and gave his parents the mistaken impression that he was very low maintenance. They sign his report cards and pay lip service to the idea of disciplining him and then go back to other things that are more important.

Fortunately he's always had a knack for garnering sympathy from other adults. He learned puppy eyes before his first change. His ability to advance to the eleventh grade at age sixteen (as opposed to somewhere in his thirties) owes primarily to the kindness of people who see the good kid under the rambunctious and slightly dim exterior. The athletic department faculty have oft-lamented the state of his grades, as his aptitude at sports has not gone unnoticed. So far, there's not a rule they could bend to get him on any of the teams.Even so, he may actually graduate next year.

His dad runs a garage in one of the lower wards of Cane Bayou. He ran a garage in Minnesota, but there was something to do with the police and then the family moved. Evan's still not really clear on what that was all about because it happened back before he was old enough to masturbate and was therefore mostly unimportant. Ostensibly that's the sum of it, but vague references to some odd business on Mom's side of the family have been made since his Becoming. Anyway, the garage is open twenty four hours, but only the posted eight are for seeing regular customers. In fact, some of the cars that get serviced during operating hours come back late at night. Fortunately, Evan is wise enough to refrain from throwing around the words 'chop shop' as freely as he did back in Minnesota. He doesn't like moving. His sister made him carry all her shit last time.

The guys at the shop are part of the reason Evan's still alive. He's a strong kid with a good head for machinery-a marked contrast to his general incompetence at everything else. He considers them closer to family than his biological relations. This means that his most meaningful bonding experiences have been with hoodlums and crooks, many of whom are ex-cons. From these gentlemen he learned how to drive, dismantle, and appraise most automobiles, and how to acquire one when its owner isn't looking. Most of his skill set could be summed up as 'things you go to jail for' and his moral compass is missing a needle.

By some miracle he has avoided a criminal record. Apparently the police have taken a page from his parents' book and focused their effort on more important things. It's probably the only instance where Evan does not mind being ignored.


Evan is a textbook case of potential going to waste. His priorities seem to find the farthest point opposite of what would be most constructive to his long term well-being and park themselves firmly there. When it's time for school, he wants to skip, when it's time to sleep, he wants to stay up all night. He's managed to squeak by all his life because of the sympathy of others, whose belief in him may turn out to be misplaced. At the core of his being is a decent, happy, and generous soul who simply struggles against anything that might hinder him. He's the king of passive resistance, of exalting the achievement of some bare minimum by the narrowest of margins as some heroic virtue. He's also not too bright. Imaginative, insightful, maybe even clever, in the way wild dogs are clever in their ability to survive, or domesticated cats are clever in their ability to make themselves pampered by their supposed 'owners'…but he's no intellectual contender. He's far from lazy, and at the slightest provocation can be motivated to great effort in pursuit of fun, or in the cause of helping others. When it comes to himself though, he's far too content to take what life gives him, or take what it leaves laying around as long as nobody's watching.

Evan is no MENSA candidate, but he has a piercing insight and is not as easy to deceive as most would have him think they are. He is just aware enough of his failings to occasionally use them to his advantage. After all, it doesn't take much effort for him to play dumb.


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