Father Richard Fitzroy
ACTOR as Richard Fitzroy
Fullname Richard Aimon Fitzroy
Birthday June 6
Species Mortal
Age 65
Eyes Grey
Hair Brown
Occupation Priest

Claim to Fame

A local Priest, born and raised. His family is from the Cane Creek Bayou, and he still has his home amongst the water and moss; though the church is of course in Cane Creek proper.



Old, ornery, kindly, fierce, protective, wrathful, patient, kind - Father Richard Fitzroy is, at times, all of these things. He is a believer in both divine justice and divine mercy. He believes that the greatest virtue of all is compassion, and patience to be a valued merit. However, for those whom have forsaken compassion and pushed patience too far - for the unrepentantly sinful - he can have a righteous wrath that belies his peaceful, seemingly pacifistic nature.

He takes great strength from the Holy Book, and great joy in helping those seeking guidance and wisdom - not that he feels wise, of course, but a man in his position must dispense such as he is able. A big fan of self-improvement, he has a secret doubt in the existence of hell which he does not often speak of.


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