Sasha Friday
Alexz Johnson as Sasha Friday
Fullname Sasha Isabelle Friday
Birthday July 1
Species Lycan
Breed Half-Breed
Kith Ire
Age 18
Height type here
Weight type here
Eyes type here
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

Friday isn't particularly known for much in the way of greatness. She's nice, accepting, if not a little over-opinionated on occasion. She's easily to get along with, but she's not very tolerant of bullies. That said don't think Friday will take things lying down, she's been known to come back swinging on more than one occasion, and like her father her motto is simple. 'If you can't win the right way, win any way you can.'



Friday is a handful to say the least. Opinionated, stubborn, and not even a tad bit timid. Like it or not, her feelings are there for the world to hear, and with a voice like hers it's an act in itself to tune her out. She can be extremely bullheaded at times, but when the dust has settled she's always someone that can look at a problem from both perspectives.

Friday has found that for the most part men do not particularly enjoy having such an outspoken girl as a girlfriend. For this reason she is almost always free on weekends, which suites her just fine. More time to enjoy herself. Even more time to work on the hobby she knows she needs to have. Furthermore, since she is not a crowd follower, it is very difficult for her to make friends with those that consider themselves 'top tier people'. She prefers to be herself, regardless of what people think.


Name Relation Notes
Dutch Friday Father

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