Hyde Blakeley
Milo Ventimiglia as Hyde Blakeley
Fullname Hyde Theodore Blakeley
Nicknames The Emo - Mr. Grouchypants
Birthday May 3
Species Lycan
Kith None
Pack Omega
Age 18
Height 6'0"
Weight 187
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Student/Mechanic

Claim to Fame

Who, Hyde? Oh, he's an ass! He doesn't like talk to anyone, he just broods. I heard he made a freshman cry last year in the cafeteria just by saying something. I heard he has to go see a shrink every weekend - he's totally crazy! But…well, he is kind of hot. You know, he's got that bad boy kind of vibe.



At first glance, Hyde is your stereotypical 'rebel' youth - almost a personification of the Byronic hero. He is quick to scowl or snark, and generally gives off the impression of always being rather annoyed with life and, to an extent, angry. His social skills are not so good, and he's not known to be particularly chatty. In fact, he seems to generally dislike people, and has very little patience and compassion when it comes to others. In turn, however, once you have been accepted by this boy, you are in for life. He is intelligent, hard-working and highly responsible, which makes him rather more mature than most his age, but perhaps this so-called maturity is what prompts the lad to look down on the majority of his peers. Elitism and paranoia take on a whole new definition with this asshole. In disposition, he resembles the fictitious Mr. Hyde, with the exception of the fact that control is especially important to the boy - he likes to have control, always of everything. Which is possibly why he hates having to deal with other people, since they are such an uncontrollable variable.


Name Relation Notes
Frederick Father Human
Anna Mother Human
Isaac Brother Human
Dawn Acquaintance/Client Really pushy about dinners. Geez.
Clair Girl Clinically insane and bi-polar. But when she's good - she is so good.
Kevin Annoyance/Gay Bitch Touch my car again, and DIE. Bother me again, and I'll run you off a cliff.
Emmanuelle She Who Fraternizes With The Enemy Oblivious as fuck. She's going to end up getting bitten.
Evan Acquaintance/Random Kid He's just there. Whatever.
Keeley New Carrier Smells really good.
Ivy New Girl New Yorker. Talks big. Knows cars.
Lincoln Jock Eh. I work with his dad sometimes.


Hyde's pride and joy happens to be his car. He has been building it from scratch ever since his sophmore year, and it's finally been completed. It takes the form of a cherry red 1969 Pontiac GTO convertible that he's restored over the years.


Hyde works at Ted's Auto Shop, one of the oldest and most respected car repair garages in Cane Bayou. There, he is billed as a full-fledged mechanic, despite having never gotten official schooling. He is simply that good with cars. The owner, Ted, is half in love with Hyde, and sings his praises around town even when everyone else doesn't.

Hyde moved to Cane Bayou around 6 years back, when Hyde was 12. Originally, he is from Boston Massachusetts. Occasionally, he slips into the Bostonian accent and claims to work all days on 'cahs'.

Every Sunday morning, while the more religious members of Cane Bayou are off at church, Hyde is in the office of his psychiatrist. Hyde dislikes his psychiatrist. Generally, he tailors his answer to come off as psychopathic for fun. Dr. Greenwich is not pleased, and is a little afraid of Hyde, truth be told.


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