Ivy Valentine
Amelia Warner as Ivy Valentine
Fullname Ivinia Amber Valentine
Birthday March 16
Species Blessed
Age 17
Height 5'7"
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Student and resident Bad Girl

Claim to Fame

Ivy is new to Cane Bayou, with a school transcript that's somewhat at odds with the reputation she earned at her last school. A straight-A honor roll student, Ivy was better known for her partying than her studying. Drinking, smoking, and the occasional less-than-legal substance, her friends were frequently amazed that she could still get good grades, though the occasional fainting spell in class surprised precisely nobody.


Of fairly average height and build, this is not the sort of teenager one picks out of a crowd at random, as there's little to attract attention from a distance. Her hair is a medium brown in color, shot through with almost copper highlights, though depending on the light the color can change, appearing lighter or darker, and falls in waves to the middle of her back, with bangs covering her forehead to just above her eyebrows. Up close, the details become more apparent: her facial features are feminine without being in any way delicate, with a straight nose, slightly pointed chin and high cheekbones, her full lips turned up just a little at the corners as if her natural response is a smile rather than a frown. Long, thick eyelashes frame eyes of a golden amber color, but again this shade is dependent on the light, and more often they appear more of a light brown hue.

Presently, she's dressed in a white tank top that reveals most of the small butterfly tattoo on the upper part of her right shoulderblade. She's paired this with cut-off denim shorts that are just long enough not to get her arrested for indecent exposure, and a pair of sandals on her feet. Her hair's been pulled back into a ponytail, secured with a light blue ribbon, though several locks have escaped to frame her face, and the small silver hoops in her earlobes are easily visible. The only other accessory she wears is a watch with a leather band on her left wrist, the face turned so that it rests against the inside of her wrist.


Born in the big city of Rochester, NY, Ivy was raised on a farm a couple of miles outside of a fairly rural town in the Finger Lakes region of the state. Her parents had met in college and found they had several things in common, particularly their love of nature, and her father put his agricultural degree to good use making the farm profitable without the use of chemicals or preservatives, while her mother set up her own little workshop as a weaver, making and dyeing her own threads and fabrics.

Theirs was a simple life, and having children was just a natural part of the process. Due to complications while Lily was carrying Ivy, she was advised by her midwife to seek help in the city, and the doctors at the hospital there told her that there was every chance she might lose the baby. Months of bedrest and care followed, and Ivy lived, but the birth was a difficult one, and her parents were told it was unlikely they'd have any more children.

Ivy's parents considered her quite the blessing, and encouraged her throughout every phase of early development. Her mother fostered a love of reading and learning, and she was homeschooled until she was eleven, her contact with other children fairly limited to the occasional trips to the market. Upon reaching the pre-teen years, her parents decided to enroll her in the local junior high school, which meant a half hour commute on the bus each way. Initially nervous about the switch, Ivy made the transition fairly easily, though she had a tendency to stay on the fringes of the larger groups and associate with a smaller group of people.

Then came the onset of puberty, and moodiness and hormones and such, shortly after she turned fourteen. With the changes came high school, and a shift in the social order, and suddenly the weird farmgirl from outside of town wasn't on the outside looking in but part of the popular crowd. Her friends were trying new things, and she was right there with them, spending her allowance on clothes and makeup that she'd stash before getting home, so that her parents had no clue. So long as she still produced homework for them to check, and got good grades, and seemed happy, they saw no reason to pry into her personal effects, because surely they'd taught her how to behave properly, right?

At sixteen, Ivy and her boyfriend of the week and a couple of their friends were caught drinking in a local park by a police officer. He didn't drag them down to the station, but he /did/ drag them home, at which point Ivy's parents realized how wrong they'd been, and wondered how they could have let this happen to their darling daughter. They sought help, first with the school counselor (who was quite floored at the news, since Ivy was a straight-A honor roll student) and then from professional therapists. Every diagnosis was the same: Ivy was a typical teenager who just succumbed to peer pressure, and all she needed was some more attention and discipline from her parents.

Step one was to stop her from spending so much time with the friends who'd led her so far astray, and at first Ivy seemed to go along with this. Her nose was in her books at school and at home, improving her grades even further, and none of the faculty saw her so much as glance at any of the 'problem' kids. Unfortunately, it turned out that these measures weren't actually keeping her from spending time with her friends, and one evening shortly before the end of the school year all of this came to light. Ivy was once again caught in 'bad' company, and this time the policeman hauled her and her friends down to the local jail. Their parents managed to get most of them out without charges being filed, Ivy included, but her parents insisted on some major changes in order to enforce their discipline. No longer was she allowed to take the bus to school, instead one of them would drive her to and from on a daily basis. Weekends, she was expected to help out around the house and the farm, and she was not allowed into town without one of her parents as chaperone.

Just before the end of the school year in the middle of June, things finally came to a head. Ivy had a terrible fight with her parents, and they left her behind as they headed into town to pick up some things from the market. It was the last she saw of them, and later that evening a policeman arrived at the farm to give her the news: Cal and Lily had died in a traffic accident on their way home, a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Social Services arrived shortly afterward to take her to a temporary foster home, until the legal stuff could be sorted out and she could be properly placed. Her mother's will made mention of an uncle down in Louisiana, and by the end of the school year everything had been settled: Ivy would go to live with her Uncle Robert, to finish out high school at Cane Bayou Central.

Ivy's parents always knew there was something different, something special, about their daughter. It wasn't something that they could put a name to, or prove, but a few times she woke them up in the middle of the night after experiencing a horrific nightmare, though these were rare and generally tied to days that had been particularly stressful for one reason or another. As she grew older, Ivy became more aware of this talent, and tried to exert some control over it, with varying degrees of failure. The most spectacular of these was when she tried to view the answers to a test in the teacher's desk drawer, and she ended up fainting in the middle of the classroom. She's become a little disenchanted with the 'blessing' recently, because she didn't have a vision of her parents' accident, and so was unable to stop them from going… though there's a part of her that wonders, as mad as she'd been, if she'd have bothered to stop them even if she'd seen it.


On the surface, Ivy is the classic rebellious teen with authority issues. She has an attitude in spades and says what she thinks, often without a tact filter, and the general first impression is often 'I don't care what you think of me'. Beneath all of that, however, is a girl who's struggling to find her real personality again, shoved aside as it was by years of peer pressure. The recent trauma of her parents' accident has left her more subdued and quiet, less likely to respond with an acid remark and more receptive to friendly overtures, though left to her own devices she's more likely to spend her time reading or studying. Like most teenagers, Ivy's personality is a complicated mess that will take time to really sort through, even for her.


Ivy's father, Caleb Valentine, was born and raised in the rural town of Penn Yan, NY. He met his wife, Lily Ashford, while studying for an agricultural degree at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Lily was originally from New Orleans, LA, but her mother had moved the family upon marrying her second husband, who was a politician in Albany, NY. Ivy is an only child, and both of her parents are deceased, having died recently in a car accident. Her uncle Robert Ashford is her mother's half-brother, a lawyer, and he and wife Olivia have three children: Cassidy (16), Jennifer (15) and Robert Jr. (14)


Name Relation Notes
Taylor Boy Scout Next Door Ivy met Taylor within days of her arrival in Cane Bayou, and was quick to pick up on the fact that he's a complete and utter boy scout. She's since had fun pushing his buttons to see what makes him tick, which hasn't quite blown up in her face… yet.
Claudia Sort of Friend Claudia seems really nice, and certainly not boring, which is a definite plus in Ivy's book. They haven't spent much time together yet, but Ivy's pretty sure she can rectify this, since she's got an open invitation to visit Claudia at work.
Brooke Friend and Fellow Bad Girl Brooke and Ivy hit it off immediately, which is probably a Bad Thing for the rest of Cane Bayou. Ivy is a bad influence on most people… she's a TERRIBLE influence on Brooke, and that's not likely to improve any time in the near future.
Emmanuelle Party Pooper Ivy's not had much contact with Emma, but she wasn't really impressed when she met her. No fun at all.

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