Keeley Scott
Keeley Hazell as Keeley Scott
Fullname Keeley Luna Scott
Birthday October 13
Species Carrier (Lycan)
Age 17
Height 5'8"
Weight 151 lbs.
Eyes Hazel-Brown
Hair Suntouched Brunette
Occupation Student - Track Star

Claim to Fame

Keeley is new to Central, but at her former school was Captain of the Track team, and that has followed her when she moved to the area. The track team coach was said to have flipped when the he learned the junior all state runner was to be his after the new year. Much is hoped for the Central Track team in the next two years. Atleast the female half.



Keeley is a shy girl, which most seems to find unusual at first. There is nothing in her background that most would consider a reason for this, but nevertheless she's a shy girl who takes awhile to warm up to people. It's not as if she's naturally distrustful, but she does seem to let someone prove why they are wanting to be around her, before she counts them as friends.

Other than the shyness, Keeley seems to be a smart girl who would rather be out in nature than sitting inside. She's a born athlete who could run for miles and miles without having to worry about anything. When asked she calls this dreaming time, when she's more at peace.

She's the normal teenager, with the normal teenage troubles that is capped with forever being told how special and rare she is. Most girls would love this, it seems to just cause a wound in this naturally shy girl though.

Family Relationships

Name Relation Notes
Ripley Scott Father Age 52, Computer Programmer/Specialist, Half-Breed Lycan
Kimberley Scott Mother Age 49, Software Designer, Half-Breed Lycan. Ex-Roady: Led Zeppelin and Kiss.
Thomas Scott Brother Age 28, Computer Specialist/Designer, Half-Breed Lycan. Unmarried.
Douglas Scott Brother Age 25, Traveling Race Car Driver, Half-Breed Lycan. Unmarried.
Samuel Scott Brother Age 23, Finishing Masters in Communication, Half-Breed Lycan. Engaged.


The Boys:

Name Relation Notes
Lincoln Football Allstar Jock - Possible Boyfriend Lincoln was the first person that Keeley met when her parents moved them into the city in June before her Senior year. He seems like a nice guy and isn't as.. odd as some Lycan back home. It's known they have gone out on a few dates and if asked Keeley has commented on how sweet he is. Hot too, but yes she used the word sweet. Rumor has it they shared a double tent at the Great Summer Camp out held by Brooke. Question is, does the new girl have a new boyfriend? Or are they simply being seen together?
Hyde Uninterested Mechanic Hyde was the second person that Keeley met in town. At the music store there was alot of staring and abit of uncomfortable time, but after some comment or another Keeley relaxed, figuring that Hyde had no interest in her, or using her, so he's a safe Lycan. Oh and seems he was impressed enough to give a compliment about her Mother. That's something right?

The Girls:

Name Relation Notes
Brooke Whirlwind Fashionnista Brooke showed up at the clothing store at the water front when Lincoln had taken Keeley shopping. After giving Keeley fashion advice over a shirt picked out, they ended up talking on the upcoming camping trip and then over shopping together later. Keeley finds Brooke a whirlwind of information.

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