Kevin Redfield
ACTOR as Kevin Redfield
Fullname Kevin Dalton Redfield
Birthday April 1
Species Lycan
Age 16
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

The Redfields are 'Native American trash' or "Reztrash' as it were - a poor family who lives in a trailer park. They have little to no disposable income. His mother works in a grocery store and his father works at an automotive repair shop. Kevin holds relative disdain for the lot his family has accepted. His claim to fame is that he's gotten into more than a few fights at school and has a bit of a reputation as a troublemaker and a hothead around town - and he's also known for being a little weird in the way he fights, resorting to truly vicious tactics from time to time in his earlier years. He was rumored to have stabbed a kid seven times - the truth is that both he and the other combatant fell on sharp stones at a quarry and cut themselves up during the fight and afterward became best friends.



Kevin is an arrogant kid who thoroughly enjoys his Lycan blood. He believes in the inherent superiority of his people (Native Americans) as a compensation for the feelings of inferiority he developed seeing how his culture is treated in American society ("It's sick - it's like they revere it and then they take a crap on it!"). As such, he not only tends to display quite a bit of overstated pride toward his Native American ancestry but also for his Lycan blood (though that is obviously a far more secretive and invisible inner pride). He is inherently disrespectful of humans a performa, and humans must earn his trust and respect - all of which is symptomatic of the great fear he has that his people (both groups) will be decimated by humanity.


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