Lincoln Pierce
ACTOR as Lincoln Pierce
Fullname Lincoln Pierce
Birthday September 1
Species Lycan
Age 17
Height 6'6"
Weight 260
Eyes Gray
Hair Black
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

Locally, both at Cane Bayou Central and in small diners across town, Lincoln Pierce is actually moderately well known as one of Cane Bayou Central's best players. As the Wolves' starting defensive end, Lincoln lead the state conferences in sacks, and tackles for losses last year. A local resident all his life he is fairly well known as a sometimes conflicted, occasionally aggressive but usually kind young man.


Lincoln Pierce was born hard. He is an aggressive Alpha male raised by an even more dominant Alpha male. Ever since he was young he has been in conflict with his father who has never let his son be anything but the best at what he does and as far as his father is concerned his main concern in life should be survival.

Despite his father's occasional motto of "be prepared to kill or be prepared to die," Lincoln strives for a normal life. He knows he is more aggressive than other boys his age, and struggles to be a good student, but some of the only time he really feels good is when he is on the football field shoving other people.

Among fellow students he is sociable, if a bit belligerent and stubborn at times, but he knows he is a C student at best and a bit awkward at best-which is probably why he spends most of his time in the weight room and not talking to girls. Despite all of his social awkwardness he has been trying to come out of his shell and land a girl.


Name Relation Notes
Brooke Friend Brooke is entertaining and kinda hot. Over the past few weeks he has come to sort of feel like she is a friend, and as far as he is concerned, there is always the possibility something might happen in the future. Their status as friends was really cemented the afternoon they spent talking on the beach, she's a lot deeper than most anyone else in town probably knows.
Claudia Acquaintance When she isn't being a waitress, apparently she does some sort of drama stuff.
Emmanuelle Friend He gave her a poncho, she gave him a rock. They later went and hung out at the beach, and there seemed to be a chance of something happening between them. But their constant misunderstandings and the way she seems to constantly think he is being mean just cannot be easily put aside.
Keeley Dating Keeley and Lincoln really hit things off almost immediately and have been on several dates. As far as he is concerned she is the best thing to ever happen to him, then again, he said the same thing about red licorice three months ago, so we'll see how he feels about her in another month or two.

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