Louis Laroche
David Tennant as Louis Laroche
Fullname Louis Laroche
Birthday March 14
Species Blessed
Age 33
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown

Claim to Fame

Louis goes everywhere on a bicycle. Crashing a bicycle doesn't hurt nearly so much, assuming you don't crash it into a car.

Louis is like one of those whack-a-mole games. You never know where he's going to pop up next, but you can be sure it won't be where you expect.

Louis sometimes disappears for weeks at a time, when he can no longer handle the stress of being near people. No one really knows where he goes, but he always comes back looking much refreshed. Unfortunately, this means that both his resume and credit score are practically worthless. Luckily for him, he doesn't need a car, and due to his lack of credit, he has no debt to speak of.

When Louis randomly helps people, if they get an opportunity to ask who he is, he tends to tell him that he's "The Bicycle Dude." Chances are good that there's a long complicated story that is hilarious to him but unfathomable to anyone else. Sometimes it's best not to ask.



Louis is something of an oddball. Then again, when one is being constantly barraged by other people's emotionally-intense experiences, one would have to either develop a purposeful sense of humor or go stark raving mad. After all, it isn't just the murderings, rapings, and thefts that he witnesses. When the neighbor couple has a knock-down drag-out, he's privy to it. If he happens to be walking down the street when Joe Schmoe decides to tell off his boss, Louis gets an earful.

For that matter, let's not even talk about moments of…intimacy. Louis is practically celibate due to the irrational belief that if there is one psychic person, there are probably more. He's certain that if he ever does succumb to carnal temptation, one of them will be sure to walk by and get an eyeful of an exposed Louis-bum. That doesn't mean he hasn't had his share of romances. It just means that most of them were rather short-lived relationships with incredibly pushy women.

In spite of all this, Louis has made an effort to stay upbeat. He does this mostly by being a shiftless wanderer. He avoids meaningful relationships like the plague, mostly because of a very rational fear that one day he will be forced to watch someone he loves getting murdered, raped, or robbed. Or telling off their boss.

Instead of worrying about the future or the past, he works hard to focus on the 'here and now'. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't try to do something when he has a vision of terrible happenings in progress. In fact, he has a way of popping up just when he's needed, seemingly from out of nowhere, and disappearing before the people he's helped can even catch his name.


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